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10 Ideas to Please a Young Mother

Humans have completely lost the culture of loving and supporting new mothers. Since it is their first time becoming parents, they need you more than anything. After having the first baby, the truth is that she is going through a lot, even if she won’t openly talk about it. Therefore, if you are close to a young mother, here are ten ideas on how you can please her.

1. Tell Her She Looks Beautiful

You might feel that she doesn’t look the way she did before the baby was born. But there are many ways that beauty can be defined. It is as all about being unique and becoming the better version of yourself. Therefore, a new mother is definitely beautiful, and she deserves to hear you say that to her.

2. Tell Her The Baby is Perfect

While you don’t have to lie and say the baby is cute when she is obviously not, it would be mean to point out those imperfections. The mother has a close connection to her child, and she is the most beautiful thing she’s ever had.

3. Drop Off Some Food or Baby Boy Clothes

Most new parents lack the energy to make their own food or go baby clothes shopping. Therefore, if it is a baby boy, it would be kind of you to drop them some baby boy clothes and food because they need it.

4. Get Her Some Wipes and Nappies

Get the family some useful things, like wipes and reusable cloth nappies, and they will appreciate it because it is a basic necessity for babies. It is preferred that you should buy reusable ones.

5. Don’t Tell Her She Smells Like Milk

If she asks you if she smells like milk, it is because she is worried about it. Therefore, make her feel good by reassuring her that she doesn’t smell like milk.

6. Send Her Some Text

When talking to a young mother via texts, at least include baby emojis. It will make her happy knowing that she has accomplished something.

7. At Least Clean Something

If you are on a tight budget and are unable to buy some gift, then just try to clean something used by the baby.

8. Watch Her Kids

If the young mother has other kids, you might help her watch them. She is quite busy with the new baby and might not have the time to watch her other kids.

9. Don’t Hold The Baby Right Away

While everyone might want to come over and see the new baby, the mother is also someone special. At least greet them and have a brief conversation with them before asking to hold the baby.

10. Hold The Baby

After you have said something nice to the mom, politely ask her to let you hold the baby. Make sure to be gentle because the baby is still trying to cope with the new environment. If the baby seems uncomfortable, give it back to the mother so that she checks what’s wrong with her.

Final Thoughts

New mothers go through a lot of emotional and physical changes, but they are still beautiful and worth impressing. Therefore, use the tips shared above to make them feel comfortable at all times. Be kind, and if they ask you if they have changed a lot, then reassure them that they are beautiful. Try to avoid negativity because that would be so mean of you.

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