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Top 10 Luxury Senior Living Communities in Florida

There is no doubt that Florida has one of the best senior living communities all over the United States. However, there are various options to choose from, and therefore it becomes overwhelming to search for a perfect place. Myriad experiences are waiting for you in the sunshine state, and you have to match a community that would meet your specific requirements and interests. As such, you can go through the complete guide that lists down the best organizations in the most affordable cities of Florida, especially for senior living.

If you look around the city, you will see traditional architecture.

The Communities in Florida Have the Following Criteria

  • a clubhouse that comes with high-quality amenities
  • closer access to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment
  • more immediate access to clubs, enrichment activities, and programs

As such, these communities are perfect for active retirement for the senior population of Florida.


As you all know, the capital city of Florida is called Tallahassee. The charm of this Florida city is that it comes with a rich history and an intriguing museum. It is perfect for an active retirement because it is a mid-size city very convenient to settle down. The city is not only nature-oriented, but it also has an aesthetic, cultural background. Southwood is one of the best senior living communities in Tallahassee. It provides many luxurious amenities to the retirees in terms of parks, clubs, and restaurants. It also comes with a golf course. The senior living community’s main focus here is on coordinating cultural activities in a fun manner throughout the year.


The natural trail in Pensacola is one of the best luxury senior living communities in Florida. It provides an organization to the retiree, which got themed on nature. It owns a clubhouse that got named “The Lodge.” The building has a static homestyle feel. Retirees would get all the luxury amenities in this community, like a tennis court, fitness center, pools, meeting rooms, and even a playground.

A retirement villages in australia villages are constructed and maintained with a personal touch and concern.


Indian River colony club is the top luxury senior living community in Melbourne. It has all the desirable luxury amenities that you would want, such as tennis courts, fitness centers, a pool, and even a banquet hall for occasions and events.


Lakewood Ranch is one of the most desirable luxury retirement communities in Sarasota. It is one of the largest, with 17,500 acres of land. The builders focused on sustainability. As such, all the rooms in this community got based on energy efficiency. It has a massive fitness center with trained personal trainers to help the retirees have a good workout session every day.


World Golf Village is a famous retirement community in Jacksonville. Many people believe that it is the ultimate retirement community for golfers in the United States. The community center of this retirement community also has fantastic features such as pool tables, card rooms, and a loaded fitness center to taking care of retirees’ fitness activities. If you want a luxurious senior living community, you should take a World Golf Village trip.


For active retirees, Naples is a trendy choice. Corey is the most popular retirement community in Naples. The retirees get top-notch fitness centers, meeting rooms, card rooms, a tennis course, and a beautiful lake to spend their retirement peacefully. You will not get anything cheap here. You can even enjoy boat docks. The location of the quarry is a big attraction for the retirees here.

The villages

Many people have rightly said that the town is a Las Vegas for the senior retirement community. It is the brainchild of a renowned billionaire called Harold Schwartz. Amidst the beauty of the villages, Old Town square got situated. The nights are very entertaining and colorful in the villages. You will get the latest releases in the theatres here. The theatre has immense aesthetic value-adding to the beauty of the ambiance.

Boca Raton

Most people who want to retire in Florida prefer Boca Raton because it is a favorite city for many. It is quite warm even during winters. The century village is a trendy retirement community here. It is similar to a condominium community for the people who want to retire in a maintenance-free option. They provide buses to the residents to visit local grocery stores, pharmacies, and even doctors’ chambers for a quality assisted living in Florida.

Saint Petersburg

It is a beautiful city for retirees to enjoy life. Mira Bay is a trendy luxury retirement community here. It comes with a very steady-looking clubhouse and exciting architecture. The wood flooring adds more appeal and comfort.

Ft. Lauderdale

It is a city that focuses on beach life. The fountainhead has all the necessary amenities but is very low on maintenance. So you can have a good retirement without bothering too much about the upkeep.

Whenever new residents come in, the warm efforts of the residents make them feel welcomed.

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