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10 Reasons Why Your Worker’s Compensation Might be Rejected

An injury at a workplace can leave you bedridden. You need some time to recover. However, you have more needs now that can be addressed with workers’ compensation. Before you start your search with “workers comp attorney near me”, you need to understand that workers’ compensation denial is also a reality. Why and when does this happen? In this article, we will see the top reasons why your compensation may be denied.

No Workplace Injury

Before you make a worker’s compensation claim, you need to understand the concept of workplace injuries. You must meet certain conditions first. You were injured during the scope and course of the employment. More than 50% of the cause of the injury is due to your employment. Your claim will be denied if you have faked the injury or you are injured outside of work.

Injury is Not Covered

The government doesn’t fund worker’s compensation programs. It is a type of insurance policy. Your homeowner’s or auto insurance does not cover certain things. Similarly, this insurance also does not cover certain things. For example, worker’s compensation does not cover mental health. The work environment can cause problems like anxiety and depression. Psychiatric care is not covered.

Not Reporting the Injury on Time

When you are injured, Google ‘workers’ comp attorney near me’ to find an attorney for legal help and report the injury on time. Notify the insurance company or employer on time. If you miss reporting the injury on time, your claim will be denied.

Discrepancies In Your Report

An insurance company collects and reviews all the evidence before accepting or denying a workers’ comp claim. It will be a fraudulent claim if there are discrepancies between your medical records and the report you filed. Pay attention to details in the report. For example, instead of saying that “I fell”, say that you fall because the floor was slippery due to leakage.

No Witnesses

This is one of the biggest reasons why the worker’s compensation is denied. The insurance company will find the claim suspicious if there is no video footage or witnesses of the accident. Your story must be consistent. Make sure that you are able to recount every detail exactly and accurately.

Pre-Existing Condition

When you were hired, you told your employer that you were suffering from a certain condition. So, the employer took the required preventive measures. If you claim worker’s compensation and it was an existing condition or injury, the insurance company will deny your claim.

Intentional Injuries

Workplace safety is important. This is the reason why worker’s compensation is in place. You must follow all the safety regulations. If the injury occurs due to your negligence, you will not get the benefits of worker’s compensation in Pomona, California.

Lack of Cooperation

The insurance company will ask you to describe the injury. You need to share a recorded statement. If you don’t cooperate, the insurance company will deny your claim.

Drugs in Your System

Many employers make it mandatory for employees to submit drug test reports. Insurance companies also offer discounts to such employers. If you are injured under the influence of drugs, the insurance company will reject your claim.


Violence can also cause injury in the workplace. If you are the aggressor in a fight, you will not get compensation.

Finding the right attorney is an important step. Search the best ‘worker’s comp attorney near me’, to get the right advice and representation.

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