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10 Tips to Save LPG Consumption

People have started using microwaves and induction stoves with changing times. However, these modern cooking sources cannot take the place of LPG cooking gas when it comes to household cooking. It will remain the most popular and common source of cooking food.

The rising prices of LPG is a matter of concern among people as it is affecting their budget. Therefore, saving LPG consumption is a must to save money. But unfortunately, most people are clueless about the everyday tips to save cooking gas. So, let’s know the top 10 everyday tips that can help you save LPG consumption.

  1. Prepare all the Ingredients 

Some people use to put the cooking pan on the stove then start looking for the ingredients in the kitchen. Also, they have the habit of chopping and mixing the ingredients after putting the cookware on the stove. These habits not only waste their time but also waste cooking gas. So, make sure all the ingredients are ready before you turn on the stove.

  1. Clean Burners 

Over time, carbon starts depositing on the burners. It does not allow the complete combustion of gas, and part of the gas goes wasted. So, you should regularly clean them to avoid the wastage of gas. If the flame color is yellow or orange, it indicates the burners need cleaning, whereas the blue flame shows that burners are clean.

  1. Check for leaks

Examine the pipe, regulator, and burners regularly for small gas leaks. If you ever experience a foul smell in the kitchen, it could be a due gas leak. To prevent this leakage, you may need to replace the faulty burner, pipe, or regulator.

  1. Use pressure cooker

The pressure cooker cooks the food in less time, which saves fuel and your time. So, always prefer to use a pressure cooker whenever possible. Also, you can use separators in a pressure cooker to prepare more than one dish at one time to save LPG consumption.

  1. Reputed LPG supplier

Whenever you need LPG bottle exchanges, choose a certified and reputed LPG supplier. Some LPG suppliers play smart and fill less gas in the barrels. You can never know about it as it hardly makes any difference in the weight of the barrel. Therefore, to save yourself from such fraud, select reliable cooking gas suppliers.

  1. Soak before cooking

You can soak certain foods like grains, pulses, rice, etc., before directly cooking them. After soaking, these foods become softer and need less time to cook. This tip can save you a significant amount of gas if followed regularly.

  1. Use clean utensils

After using utensils regularly, they start depositing a layer of grease, oil, and burnt food. These utensils consume more gas and time to cook food as compared to clean utensils. Therefore, keeping the cookware clean saves you a significant amount of gas. For this, you can scrub utensils to get rid of this deposited layer.

  1. Eat together

Encourage your family members to have meals at the same time. This way, you don’t have to reheat the meal every time someone comes to the dining table. Also, try to serve the food immediately after cooking so that you don’t need to heat the food again. By following this habit of dining together, we reduce LPG consumption.

  1. Right size cookware

For small portions of meals, try to use small size utensils. It is useless to use oversize cookware as it wastes fuel and takes more time to heat up. Therefore, make a habit of matching the size of the utensils with the portion size before cooking food.

  1. Avoid open vessel cooking

Cooking food in an open vessel takes more time as the heat escapes the vessel, whereas covering the cookware with a lid allows food to cook faster. The covered utensil traps the heat, which builds the steam pressure to cook the food faster and consume less LPG.


We have given you enough and easy tricks to save LPG consumption in the above list. You will notice a substantial difference after a few months of following these tips. Moreover, every day, saving a small amount of gas makes the gas barrels last longer, saving your money.

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