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12 Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying A Property For Investment

Of course, we understand the excitement of buying a property, especially when you plan to buy your first investment property.

But why do we invest in real estate?

For our future or maybe for some financial safety?

Well, in that case, you should be extra cautious to ensure a profit on your investment.

Buying a property as an investment is worth it, provided you keep in mind that investing in real estate requires a good amount of monetary investment.

Additionally, investment is not always providential for everyone. You need to research and perceive a lot of things before buying your long term property.

Due to the current pandemic, one should assess the financial status first. If you have a sturdy income with the requisite margin, you may check out the properties and seal the deal without disturbing your contingency savings.

At Pocono properties real estate, we believe in honesty, dedication, and customer satisfaction. Hence, we have listed a few tips that one needs to keep in mind before investing in a property piece.

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1. Background check before investing

A lot of people buy premium properties for investment. Some sell it when the prices surge, whereas others rent it out for a steady monthly income. Whatever the plan may be, a complete background study of the property is the first and foremost step. For instance, you should

  • Check the location of the property
  • Age of the property
  • The construction quality of the property
  • Builder details
  • Does the property fulfill the legal criteria?
  • Cost
  • Investment v/s returns
  • Past and recent infra projects
  • Rental trends of that market
  • Lastly, the time of possession.

Once you are done with scrutinizing, check the aesthetics and property facilities, whether you wish to stay in that property or rent it out.

2. Capital Growth

Before investing, you should always consider a property’s capital growth. Examine the nearby area. Assess and analyze if the area surrounding the property has potential enough for more development. Are property prices likely to double in the coming years?

3. Location, Location, Location

As mentioned, one of the most significant factors for this kind of investment is the location of a property.

Pick a currently booming hotspot, and you’re almost guaranteed to see solid returns.

For example, let’s take a look at Luton property investment in 2021.

Whilst it may not be the first location to come to mind when thinking of a safe investment, recent spikes in growth and population may just make the commuter town a very lucrative opportunity for investors.

Since 2017, it has seen a considerable rise in population (from around 215,000 residents in 2017 to 218,000 in 2019), with more and more people choosing to live and work there.

A massive aspect of this growth is undoubtedly due to the exciting potential of regeneration efforts on offer.

London Luton Airport, probably one of the most well-known attractions in the city, attracts over 18million visitors per year, employs over 9000 people, and supports a further 17000 jobs.  It has seen significant redevelopment over the past few years and is set to transform further and support this growth.

Costing around £140m, these improvements include a redesign of the terminal, an expansion to their retail space, and the range of routes and airlines on offer – to name a few. This is estimated to increase economic impact from £1bn to around £2bn, alongside creating a further 10,000 jobs created by 2030.

While perhaps not the most obvious choice, Luton is quickly beginning to gain popularity with investors and first-time buyers alike – and is also undoubtedly proof of why you should always take the time to research opportunities.

Never just assume you know something; always keep up to date with the latest trends!

4. Calculate expenses and profits beforehand

Investing in real estate calls for a careful analysis of expenses and profits beforehand. Frame your budget, then calculate the capital amount available to you and the fund which you may have to borrow. Do not forget to keep a space for operation costs.

5. Consider Investment Loan Options

According to this website, numerous loan options are available when it comes to buying a property. Several investment loan options have distinct benefits. Research and review!

Do not just flush out the liquid cash. Taking a loan is judicious. But choosing the right course of action could make a positive difference to the financial situation.

Ensure the loan option you consider is giving you the freedom to split the credit or provide you with the line-of-credit facility.

6. Be Ready with Down Payment

Investment properties require considerable down payments, usually around 20%, unlike 3% to those of regular buildings you live in and so have strict approval pre-requisites.

Keeping in mind the expenses involved in a renovation, secure the down payment accordingly.

7. Pay Your Debts

Before starting in real estate, one should consider investment loan options. One should not carry debts as their investment portfolio. Thus, clearing all the debts, medical bills, student loans, etc., is advisable before stepping ahead.

8. Credit Score

Usually, home loan interests are linked to the borrower’s credit score. Higher the credit score, lower is the rate of interest and vice-versa based on other conditions.

Hence, assess the credit score and maintain a high level as even a slight rise in interest rate can help you stay relaxed during overall loan repayment.

In case you are a beginner, you should follow the below-mentioned tips so as not to miss an opportunity.

9. Don’t let your emotions play with you

While buying a property, people listen to their hearts more than their heads which is quite apparent. An emotional connection automatically develops with the property.

But, stay determined and don’t let your emotions affect your decision, and logically negotiate to get the best possible price.

Be sure that the lower the price you buy a property, the higher the future returns.

10. Low-cost property investment

Opting for properties that lie in the lower-middle range price brackets is the moral decision as big-budget properties may have unrevealed complexities which you may have to bear in the long run. Keep in mind that you may also have to bear the cost of redeveloping property before renting or selling it.

11. Choose Partners carefully

To start in the real estate business, people contemplate partnership with their friends over loan proceeds.

But it would be best if you were extremely careful when choosing partners, significantly when you are investing for the first time. Acknowledge the terms and implications of a partnership agreement beforehand.

12.  Property Management

It’s not just about buying a property; one needs to maintain the property for better results inquiries. If you plan to resell the property in the future, you need to keep the property in good condition to get higher returns on your investment.

If you plan to rent it out, either you can personally oversee the day-to-day operations or hire a property management service provider to perpetuate the possessions.

You may sometimes have to market your property too on some of the websites.

In either case, cash flow will be there. Thus, you need to keep a space for miscellaneous expenses too.

13. Remember Income Varies

In case you decide to rent out your property. Just remember, tenants come and go, and it may take some time to rent the property again. This leads to variation in income, but expenses are always on the bucket list, including bill payment, insurance, and property taxes.

Wrapping Up

Buying real estate is one of the most important decisions in one’s life, and so is entrusting an agent who performs the task professionally. Working with an experienced advisor helps you navigate the search and purchase process smoothly.

Experts at Pocono real estate properties understand your needs and make every effort to ensure that your requirement is fulfilled in the best possible way, and the investment you make is the smart one.

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