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3 Common Cloud Security Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

Are you or your business on the cloud? If you’ve recently expanded your online operations due to COVID then you might find that you need to take advantage of the cloud. It can future-proof your business.

This is a service that lets you store your business in the realms of the internet rather than on a series of computers that could ultimately be destroyed. It means you can work from anywhere and do not have to worry about losing your business or your data.

But using the cloud can lead you to make some cloud security mistakes. Here’s everything you need to know about the common cyber threats and how you resolve them.

  1. Not Enabling Two Factor Authentication

If you don’t enable two-factor authentication then this could lead to serious issues.

Two-factor authentication ensures that the person logging onto the system has to approve their login on another device that they own.

This means if one of their devices such as their computer is compromised then the imposter still can’t log in to the system and compromise the entire server.

  1. Not Buying Enough Cloud Space

If you don’t buy enough cloud space then you could soon find your system ultimately having to rely on your physical storage in your computer. Or your cloud access could be restricted altogether.

You need to make sure you buy enough cloud space at the beginning that is right for your business. You also need to be aware of how close you are coming to maxing out your storage.

To figure out how much space you need for your business write a list of all the programs you and your employees use on a day-to-day and ask your IT department to determine what your overall storage space is.

If you need help buying more storage space be sure to go to for more information.

  1. Consider Physical Storage As Well

While the cloud is great, diversity of storage is also important for storing business data. You shouldn’t rely either solely on the cloud. Physical storage can allow you to have a back up should the cloud go down.

Make sure your employees all have high-end computers at their fingertips with enough storage on them so that they have a backup to save their files to and to access the kind of software that they need to do their job. While there are many benefits of the cloud, relying on the cloud can be detrimental.

Do your research on what machines your employees should have and consider the opinions before you buy them. You might even want to insist that they carry around portable hard drives.

This should be a precaution that they should combine with cloud storage.

Cloud Security Mistakes: Be Careful

Cloud security mistakes are common and they can be damaging if you suffer one of the common cyber threats. We all want to be on the cloud to ensure that we are protected if our systems go down. But think that just by being on the cloud you are protected.

Ensure that two-factor authentication is enabled and that you don’t skimp on your physical hardware too in case the cloud goes down.

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