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3 Of the Biggest Commercial Rug Cleaning Myths

Business owners in lavish & multi-ethnic countries like Australia often spend loads of money on interiors & décor to impress clients. One such important investment is made on upholstery like carpets, rugs, lounge, etc. Rugs are delicate and are placed in high-traffic areas. They enhance the beauty of your office and act as air filters by trapping the dirt, dust, allergens & germs in the air. Therefore, rugs need to be treated with Brisbane rug cleaning from time to time.


An unclean rug not only spoils the décor but also imposes threats like asthma, weakness, illness, pest influx at workspace; it can also lead to a loss in business as it creates an unhealthy working environment. Commercial Rug Cleaning is often neglected by office owners as they consider it a non-priority task. But taking into consideration the hazards of unclean rug it is vital to avail professional treatment from time to time. Professionals are armed with apt resources to provide exceptionally brilliant rug cleaning experience to commercial spaces.

Top 3 Commercial Rug Cleaning Myths

Professional rug cleaning & repair not only helps maintain your rugs in pristine condition but also proves to be beneficial for business expansion. Even though Brisbane rug cleaning serves a myriad of benefits office/homeowners overlook rug cleaning due to popular myths associated with it.


  1. Routine Rug Vacuuming Is Not Necessary


Fact: Dust, dirt, bacteria, pets, accidents, etc keep damaging your rugs even in offices. Vacuuming your rug every week is highly recommended as it extracts all the accumulated dirt & dust from the surface. This helps prevent damage to the fibers of the rug. Rugs act as a breeding ground for fleas, dust mites, pests of all kinds; they not only damage the fabric but also lead to an outbreak of diseases & allergies at the workplace. These microbes & pests can easily be exterminated by practicing routine vacuuming of rugs.


Availing professional rug cleaning Adelaide every year is not sufficient if you don’t vacuum clean the rug every week. Ignoring weekly vacuuming only adds to the damage and makes it even more difficult for experts to treat your rugs. Furthermore, vacuuming also helps get rid of stains & makes the rug look clean at least temporarily. The only thing one needs to be careful about is avoiding vacuum cleaning using a rotating brush; apart from that vacuuming timely is beneficial & helps to slow the aging of your area rugs.


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  1. If The Rug Looks Clean & Smells Good It Is Clean


Fact: Rugs are intricately woven art pieces with beautiful & colorful designs on them. Due to the colors & design, it becomes difficult to notice the dirt especially if they don’t stink one might consider them as clean. In such cases, rug owners often avoid getting professional treatment. However, it is important to opt for Brisbane rug cleaning twice every year even if your rug doesn’t look dirty or doesn’t release a foul unpleasant odor.


Dust & dirt gets accumulated deep down into the fabric; this leads to deterioration of fabric. it may or may not release odor but it definitely can cause illness to inhabitants and create an unhealthy working environment. Just because the rug looks clean or smells good doesn’t mean it is hygienically safe. So, if you want your rugs to live for 5-10 years and avoid the threats that come with unclean rugs it is vital to get them cleaned by trained experts twice a year.


  1. Professional Steam Cleaning Leads to Mold Growth


Fact: Steam cleaning rugs are the most preferred full-proof method of rug cleaning. It involves excessive use of water & a steamer to extract contaminants & eradicate germs, pollens & microbes existing in the rug. Regardless of how effective the method is it can cause mold growth if the rug is not allowed to dry entirely after being steam cleaned.


At times rug owners rent a steaming machine to steam clean rugs at home; leave the rug to dry and use it. What they fail to understand is that renting or having a steamer is not enough; professionals also carry a dehumidifier to dry rugs completely. In the process of rug cleaning Adelaide experts make sure that they keep a tab of moisture levels of the rug after steam cleaning; then use a dehumidifier to dry rugs properly and then send it to the owner for use. Hence it is important to hire professionals for steam cleaning. A partially dry rug or rug subjected to humidity & moisture is bound to have mold growth and it has nothing to do with steam cleaning.


Tips To Maintain Rugs at Commercial Spaces


Apart from hiring professionals, it is pivotal to bring into practice preventive measures that can help you maintain your rugs & increase their durability.


  • Weekly vacuuming office rugs to extract dirt & dust.

  • Placing rugs away from humid spaces. Allowing the rug to dry in case of water spill or moisture on rugs.

  • Treating food spills & stains on rugs without any delay.

  • Availing Brisbane rug cleaning twice every year to maintain the rug.

  • Availing professional mold removal, stain removal & carpet damage repair treatment instead of DIYS.

  • Limit dirty footwear traffic by placing doormats on the entrance.

  • Avoid moving furniture or sliding it on rugs to prevent damage to the fabric.

  • Dusting/ beating rugs occasionally is highly recommended.

  • Do not rigorously try home remedies or store-bought detergent cleaners as they can damage the rug permanently.

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The Bottom Line Is


Instead of trusting myths associated with a rug cleaning Adelaide one should always prefer consulting a professional. Professionals carefully inspect your rugs and provide innovative solutions to your rug problems. A well-maintained clean rug can help you grow your business as it enables employees to perform better at the workplace and creates a vigorous impression of your business. Avoid the myths and get your commercial rugs cleaned & repaired to protect your investment in upholstery. Leave the critical & challenging task of rug cleaning to the professionals so you can invest the same time & energy into high-priority tasks like your trade.

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