Sexual Frustration

3 Proven Ways to Overcome Sexual Frustration in a Relationship

Sexual frustration is the presence of deep dissatisfaction that one or both of the partners may feel in the relationship, especially in regard to their sexual activities together.

It may manifest itself in other areas of your life as well, making you moody, easily irritable, and quick to anger, grungy, and inclined to find faults with your partner and your relationship or your marriage.

Often people with unresolved sexual frustration seek comfort in other things such as excessive drinking, smoking, gambling, or even in an extramarital affair.

Given the risks involved with unresolved sexual frustration, it is understandable that many couples want to learn more about ways they can resolve these issues, and improve their relationship with their partner.

Communicate With Your Partner to Understand Each Other’s Sexual Expectations

As much as you may like to believe that you understand each other’s desires, wishes, and fantasies completely without having to talk to each other, the contrary is often the case.

Even if you have known your partner for many years, don’t assume that you know your partner in an out without any discussion or asking. As we grow, each of us grows through different life experiences that change or inspire us to do new things.

So if you feel that sexual frustration has crept in the relationship, scheduled uninterrupted time, and talk it out with your partner and try to know his block, while sharing yours. See sexual frustration in the relationship as a mutual problem and don’t blame your partner, or guilt-trip your partner about it, at the same time don’t hold yourself solely responsible for it.

Break the Monotony of your Married Life with healthy adventures

Often people seek partners out of their marriage to break the monotony of their relationship or to experience better sexual satisfaction, but this is the unhealthiest and self-destructive way to deal with sexual frustration in a committed relationship.

If you first talk it out with your partner and now are aware of each other desires, then the next step is to fulfill the desires if they are healthy, safe and you are comfortable with it. Please don’t let your partner talk you into doing something that you don’t want to do, neither should you push your partner into something that he or she isn’t up for.

There a lot of fun ways to incorporate more excitement into your relationship such as spending cosy time together, making love to each other in new places apart from your bedroom.

Focus on other erogenous parts of your partner after from their reproductive organs. Learn the erogenous zones for each zodiac sign..

Create settings that we excite your partner if you are constantly surrounded by your children, having some quiet time alone will do wonders for your relationship.

Often in long term relationships, there is a familiarity and predictability between partners that leaves room for no surprise or excitement in the relationship. It happens to the best of the marriages and relationships, expecting a passionate and wild every day in and out, year after year of the marriage is unrealistic.

Please understand that life is not like in the movies, some days your partner will be too stressed or tired for any form of physical love let alone. If it is occasional, you just have to accept it as a part of life, marriage is about staying together for the passionate times as well as the frustrating and nerve-wracking ones.

Sexual frustration may also be due to a lack of physical or emotional contact beyond sexual activities so make sure that if you are not having mind-blowing lovemaking sessions, you are at least expressing your love through kisses, hugs, cuddles, or even random hand-holding or patting on the shoulder.

Seek Professional Help for Dealing with your Sexual Frustrations if they are beyond your Control

There are many different types of reasons that can result from conditions that are beyond your control and you cannot simply will them away even if you try really hard.

If your sexual frustration results from constant fighting and yelling at each other and every other way you have tried to bring things down towards peace have failed, then it is best to seek marriage counseling.

You can have individual therapy or even go in as a couple, sometimes there are even personal issues such as feeling inadequate in a relationship can also be the reason that makes your partner feels unsatisfied in bed as you may be holding yourself back in the relationship.

There are physical conditions that may also result in sexual frustration such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men, such conditions make men feel insecure and inadequate in the relationship. But thankfully, there are many different kinds of treatments for these conditions such as Cenforce 100, and even Kamagra Oral Jelly. Women may have difficulty in orgasming or feel pain during the sexual activities which may also result in sexual frustration for the couple.

There are situations when your partner may have suffered physical or sexual abuse in their childhood or even in their past relationships which may also make them non-cooperative or unwilling to enjoy sexual activities or physical contact together. Professional help, coupled with understanding, compassion, and patience on your part will be a lot good for your relationship and help you in a long-term healthy relationship.

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