Moving Day

3 Things you need to Check on your Moving Day

So you are done packing. The day has finally come when you move out of your old place and move into the new house. Movers from the moving company in North Shore that you hired have filled your house, and they are on their way to load your things into the truck. This sounds like a dream come true. 

However, before you enter the stage of complete bliss, you need to check on certain things. Yes, moving day is not just about moving into a new place; you need to look into things to ensure you have smooth days of transition. In this article, what these three things are. Are you ready? 

  1. Moving contract

Before you let the movers load their truck with your items, ensure you get the bill of lading. This is a contract between you and a moving company and details the route of the transportation. It will have any special instructions from you and other related information and can be used as proof of ownership after your items reach your new place. 

Even if you are facing a time crunch, it is recommended that you read through this thoroughly to ensure all your original terms are included in this contract. Keep a copy of this document with you until you have unpacked and found all items unharmed. 

  1. Your boxes

 The next thing you need to check is your item after it has reached your new place. You may be tempted to let things be and relax instead of unpacking your things. However, it is always recommended that you unpack your items as quickly as you can to ensure there is no damage. When reading through the bill of lading, make sure you have a clause for concealed damage that gives you compensation.

With such a clause, you can get compensated for the damage the movers’ negligence caused. However, you need to be quick, as these things tend to have a time limit. So get over the lethargy and start unpacking as soon as you can.

  1. Your new home

Lastly, your new home needs a quick check, as well. Are the utilities working? Are the electricals working? Though you check these things during the buying process, it is always better to double-check these things before you start settling in the new place. If you do find any issues, then you can have the seller rectify them immediately. 


Moving in can be a stressful affair, but it doesn’t have to be. With some simple tips and careful planning, the whole process can become smoother. Do make sure to check and confirm things with your moving company once before the truck with your things hits the road en route to your new place. 

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