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3 tips to protect yourself from black magic

Black magic exists and here we will leave you some tips so that you can be moderately protected. The belief in black magic and the fear that it can cause only increases the effectiveness of this magic against us. Therefore, the first thing of this psychic advice we must do is to remove the fear of receiving an attack from black magic, in this way we will already have the first battle won since fear is the first thing that black magic uses against people.

The more fear, the more vulnerable we will be to the attacks of the dark magicians. White magic and black magic were initially single magic, over time they separated, one tended towards evil and the other towards good, although it is better to say that one continued towards what is known as the path to the right and the other to the path on the left, white magic is the natural magic of the human being, black magic is based on selfishness, therefore it always tends to do things that are not according to nature.

Here are 3 tips to protect yourself from black magic

Concentration on the positive:

Although it seems too simple advice, you have to focus on the positive of things and situations, this is something that is not taken into account. It is said that you have to be positive, but it is not said exactly why, the truth is that if you do not mentalize yourself positively, you are left at the mercy of forces that can harm us. In esotericism, the axiom is known that says that one attracts what one thinks. This attraction of the negative can enter a downward spiral, in this way one is exposed to the energies that come from black magicians or people who want to harm us. We must attract to us what brings us happiness and cultivate the good energy that comes from it. Any attempt to decay the energy made by our own unconvincing is better to discard it and remain firm in the purpose of continuing on the path of positivity.

Amulets for protection:

It is useful to have an amulet to protect ourselves, there are well-known amulets that ward off evil spirits and are also saviors from bad energy and black magic attacks that we may have. We can also create our amulet. What we should know is that it is very necessary to have some object that protects us and that we always carry with us. In ancient times and still today, the cross is an amulet that drives away negative energies. It is said that there are amulets that ward off the devil, but the truth is that all evil can be warded off with a true amulet. When we possess it, we must be careful that this amulet always retains the initial sacred energy. You have to know that every amulet is usually charged with the energies it repels, therefore most of them have to be cleaned. The most common method is if the amulet allows it due to its preparation, water, and salt. If not, an effective cleaning method is to use direct sunlight. The amulet must sometimes be shown and other times remain hidden. Every amulet has its origin, we must connect with that origin to know how to use it.

Protect yourself with light:

Of course, it is not the common light, the one we turn on every day in our house when night falls. It is the inner light that we must cultivate so that through it we can protect ourselves from the forces of evil and from those who want to attack us. There are many esoteric procedures to develop defense methods and most use astral light or spiritual light to do so. This light is a type of energy that is put at the service of a person through a clear method.

These tips are helpful. It is always good to do the things that are calmly said for protection. Remember that nervousness accentuates our openness towards the negative. Faith, hope, and joy are good remedies against evil.

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