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4 Aspects for an Internal Communications App that can Make Companies Work Efficiently

Businesses need ample support from their employees so that everything runs smoothly. This is a given in most cases but is still not followed by all the companies. That is why the need for a tool that can work for businesses in getting their employees on board, round the clock, is a necessity. Businesses working in big cities like Toronto have more work to do as they must keep up with their competitors. 

Businesses facing a cutthroat competition are compelled to do something extra to outfox their rivals. This can only be possible if they have a good plan at hand that can work. Mobile apps can work wonders for any company and that is what I want to discuss here as exactly what can work for them in scenarios like this. 

Employee mobile apps can be one of the most beneficial aspects for any company. The apps can provide enough assistance for small businesses and also for big multinationals and conglomerates. The following four features, related to an internal communication app, are most important, so I will explain them in detail. 

  1. Company News and Announcements

The app for employees of any company must serve as the hub for all the news and announcements. This can be an efficient way for sending memos, writing emails and just about anything that can be put up on the bulletin board. As most of us use a mobile app, anyone can access and get all the information even if they are working remotely out of station for any reason. Getting the company news through a mobile app can be convenient for everyone.

Announcements must reach all the employees quickly and what better way to use an app to make this happen.  

  1. Employee Directory

Setting up an employee directory can be another useful way for making everyone communicate with each other more efficiently and effectively. It eliminates the need for a phone operator so that everything is streamlined. Quick communication can fill the gap so that employees can get to know about all the other information they need from a coworker, like email address, phone number or the location of a remote employee. 

There is no option for employees to add as detailed information as possible that can be of any consideration. You never know if your colleague can get to know no you more from your photograph or your short biography. Mention of your work anniversary or birthday can also make you plan a surprise party for you that can make you jump with joy. All of this can be easily added to a mobile app as everything will be on the fingertips of all the employees. 

You are finding this aspect difficult to incorporate in your app, there is always the option of contacting a reputed mobile app development company in Toronto that can make your task easy.

  1. Push Notifications

This is perhaps the best use of a mobile app. It is a message that pops up on the screen of a mobile device and a publisher can send it anytime. A person will see the message even if he is not using the app or even has turned off the mobile. As soon as he starts his device or opens it, he will see all the push notifications from every app that he is using. And that’s where employees can get to know an important announcement or news right away.

Push notifications for internal communication can help any organization deliver real-time information to their employees. In some cases, like hospitals, where time-sensitive announcement and news is critical, push notifications fit the bill perfectly. During the COVID-19 era it was one of the best ways to interact with the employees. or even in companies where remote work is a norm, push notifications offer great support for the employees. And is a good option for the employer to send any information that is guaranteed to be seen by the employees.

Some Stats to Ponder

The deliverability rate of push notifications is over 90% and opening rate is also above 50% than email. The importance of email in business is still considerable as it is still a great form of communication. Even cold emails can get the result businesses want if the whole process is based on market research and analysis. But push notifications are still better and as we are talking about communication with the employees, it is perhaps the best option for them. 

The click rate is also seven times that of an email and the retention rate is 93%. You may argue that These stats are not related to the employees of a company but their potential for current customers. But just like it can attract customers, in the same way the company can get the attention of their employees too through push notification. In this way their message goes across quickly and that is one of the reasons why most employers prefer this option. 

  1. Support to and from the Human Resources Department (HRD)

The human resources (HR) is critical to the daily operations of any company. Most people think that HR is just a department where the hiring and firing of the employees is done. But it is much more than that and the efficient work from this department can make or break the chances for a company to succeed.

Support to the HR department can be done through this app so that employees can get in touch with HR and offer them feedback for any issue. This is important because employees must have a platform through which they can talk about their grievance about anything. Failing to do so will make them frustrated and can greatly affect their performance. 

Support from the HR department to the employees is equally vital. Many employees contact the HR department regularly, especially the new employees who are not familiar with the policies and regulations of the company. While the HR personnel can offer their services to particular employees by live chat and email, any section on the app like the FAQs on websites can help them learn more about the company without much effort. And these services are available round the clock, for the convenience of the users.

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