4 Common Signs You Need Your Asphalt Repaired

Having your pavement repaired is essential for safety reasons as well as for aesthetic improvement. If the pavement is not maintained well, it can create hazards for people walking by, as well as those on the road. Trip and fall accidents are more likely if asphalt is in poor condition.

The risk of accidents also applies to asphalt issues on driveways. Reproducing your driveway may be a necessary repair to protect those using the driveway at any time. Even the most minor crack can become a big problem down the road, so the sooner you have your asphalt repaired, the better.

If you are unsure if your asphalt needs to be repaired or replaced, the following information breaks down four common signs that repairs are likely necessary. Read on to learn how you can know the signs that asphalt repair is needed.

1.    Alligator Cracks And Fatigue Cracking

If you notice cracks in the pavement’s foundation that resemble reptile skin, these are called alligator cracks or fatigue cracking. Most of the time, these cracks are shallow and suggest that your foundation has a structural issue, resulting in added pressure that causes caving and cracking. Getting your asphalt repaired by asphalt contractors in Clearwater, FL is the most effective way to address the problem, as they go beyond temporary fixes like applying sealant and instead dig down into the base to correct the issue.

2.    Potholes From Water? Contact Asphalt Contractors In Clearwater FL

When water goes under the pavement, it traps moisture which expands and weakens areas within the asphalt’s surface layer. As a result, the added pressure causes the asphalt to chip, leaving small potholes. If you notice these issues, have your asphalt repaired by asphalt contractors in Clearwater FL.

3.    Faded And Old Pavement

If the asphalt’s color is faded, your pavement is old and should be replaced. In these cases, you want to restore your pavement, as older pavements are more likely to get damaged by the brittle consistency. As pavement ages, it has more exposure to sunlight and weathering, which can create brittleness. If you’ve spotted faded coloring on your pavement, contact asphalt contractors in Clearwater, FL.

4.    Pavement Sinkage Issues

If the stone base that supports the asphalt erodes, it may suggest that the drainage system or soil erosion was improperly put in. As a result, sinkage occurs, and water could damage the pavement. With the base’s stability in question, it is essential to have your asphalt repaired by asphalt contractors in Clearwater, FL, to attack any drainage issues and related concerns.

Resolve Your Pavement Concerns For Good

If you are dealing with the above issues, it is best to have your asphalt repaired. Contact a trusted asphalt contractor or an asphalt repair service near you, such as asphalt contractors in Clearwater, FL, to resolve the problems in your pavement.

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