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4 Motivations Why You Should Turn web based excel spreadsheet Now

The spreadsheet has become a de facto approach for managing financial, customer, and asset data for the past few decades. Spreadsheets have been ingrained into the fabric of business management.

Since the 1990s, when spreadsheets were first developed, not more has changed in terms of how they are used. At that time, Microsoft Excel was the market leader in spread sheet.

But, spreadsheets are difficult to use for quick data retrieval, and provide little to no data validation. Simple human errors can also cause skew formulas and equations resulting in inaccurate forecasts, budgets, and other business processes.

Businesses typically operate with defined protocols, and online excel spreadsheets help to ensure that data processing follows those protocols. Business benefit from using web-based Excel spreadsheets, and here are the reasons for it:

Reporting made easier

A lack of recent data from a certain department might occasionally slow down decision-making. In other instances, you can encounter data fragmentation or duplicate files that make it challenging to draw a meaningful conclusion.

Additionally, an information management expert can lose significant time trying to find the correct file among several versions. Additionally, it can become practically impossible to manage all of this data if you need to synthesise data from different stakeholders.

Instead of attempting to organise numerous reporting partner’s files via email programmes, you may invite everyone to a single database in Truano.By doing that, you can gather their data in a single location.

Everyone will have easy access to your surveys because of the user-friendly interface. And the information they provide will be added in a systematic fashion in accordance with the guidelines and questions you provide.

Additionally, because the system is web-based, you may always obtain the most up-to-date information by login into your account.

Multiple accesses with less data duplication 

The main advantage of developing a web-based database application is that several users can access and update a database or file. Anyone with safe access can easily open excel file online and edit it.

By having a single central hub, it is impossible for individuals to generate duplicate spreadsheets. This eliminates a number of potential consequences, such as the main spreadsheet not receiving data and defeating the purpose of collaboration.

Another frequent problem is the duplication of data within spreadsheets. Redundant data is frequently left in, leading to the eventual display of many variations of the same information.

By allowing users to change the information inside the specified fields, an online application will eliminate this issue. Nobody can unintentionally use the ‘sort’ function on one column while ignoring the other column, which guarantees data integrity and validity.

Extended storage 

There is a maximum number of cells (or columns and rows) that can be added to a spreadsheet file. In some circumstances, a spreadsheet becomes heavy to operate. It may take longer to load and display results when there are too many cells filled in.

Trunao is a powerful information management system designed to handle enormous amounts of data. It will not place any restrictions on the number of records you add or upload.

There is a high storage cap for online spreadsheet programmes, and if it is reached, you may need to pay extra fees to add more files.

In addition to being dependent on device capacity, offline storage might also be constrained by the necessity to maintain folders. There may not be enough space for files with the latest data as well as to back up the old data.

But with Trunao – Excel to Online Database, you do not need to worry about space constraints. You may import or add all of your data in one location and work in a centralised “data warehouse.”

Integrated remote working

Employees will be able to access the database from any device, in any location, with the use of a web-based spreadsheet. So, it solves the issue of remote working.

Users will be able to update information quickly and have rapid access to the data with the help of a flexible and usable front end.

Using an online database application has the possibility to combine it with any other business or back office system. The accounting, CRM, eCommerce, ERP, or warehouse management systems can easily access the data stored in an online spreadsheet.

Data integration lays the groundwork for creating and automating authorisation and workflow processes. Any required activity or action can start a workflow process or notification within an application for the appropriate staff member.

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