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4 Things in the House You Don’t Clean but Should ASAP

As the saying goes, being tidy is next to godliness. Some say that if you project cleanliness and orderliness when you are outside, whether it is in school, office, or other places, it reflects that you are the same inside your house. It means to say that you are carrying this neat and well-ordered attitude wherever you go. What I want to emphasize is to instill the mentioned behavior.

Start looking for some items or appliances or even areas in your house that need your attention. Meaning needs your time to check if this is the time to clean, sanitize or place them in their proper order. Anyway, these activities in your home like cleaning, decluttering, and even gardening are somehow a form of exercise.

Remote Control (All)

Weird and dirty as it can sound, your TV remote is filled with bacteria and viruses unless you scrub it daily. Most household members do not realize that your remote control can contain many microbes that can move from your palms to the sofa and other areas you put on it. Infectious agents can live for hours or even days on this exterior. When you’ve finished enjoying your preferred show, take a disinfectant wipe or rubbing alcohol to clean across the layer and between the controls. Clean it once a week with an alcohol-based wipe or spray containing 70% alcohol. Dry the surface properly.

Carpet or Rug

Cleaning the house is significant to families nowadays. Sanitation is essential for every member.  Carpets are among the most significant elements of the house’s interior decoration and are the first objects to be purchased while constructing a house. Carpets are fundamental parts of our homes, so it is necessary to disinfect and clean them. Rugs absorb a variety of bacteria, microorganisms, and dust in their layers. In reality, all of them stored in the house are present in carpets.

You can clean your carpet or rug in many ways but it might consume a lot of your time. In New York City, people don’t have much time to do these chores due to the fast-paced lifestyle there. The most ideal solution is hiring a reliable and professional rug cleaning service in NYC to help you save more time. If you can’t, there always the option of doing this task on your own.

You can do it by vacuuming twice a week. You are trying to get rid of the surface dirt on the carpet before it can spread around. Mop up spills right away.  Immerse liquid leaks with pure white color (or light-colored) towels. Scrap sticky stuff off rugs with a spatula.  Don’t brush the spill; it will destroy the fibers of the carpet and scatter the blemish. Even washing rugs, If your rug is little and the tag says machine washable, shake the rug out first and place it in the laundry machine at the required temperatures.

Light Switches (Plates)

The light switch panels are likely filled in our sticky fingers’ dirt concerning how much we touch them. Undoubtedly one of the most high-touch areas of your house. Your hands can handle a lot of stuff every day. As you click the light switch on or off, your hands shift the germs to the layer. You have to wipe it with a towel, soak it in warm water, a soft dishwashing solution, or your preferred cleaning product. Wash the cloth much once you use it.   Don’t ever spray cleaner straight onto the surface to prevent destroying the switch. Disinfect every dirty plate, take them from the wall, and clean them in soft, soapy water. Disinfect deeply and dry. It’s essential to maintain a schedule of cleaning your home daily.

 Air Conditioner (Split or Window Type)

When the temperature warms up, several people want to plunge into a cold delight while others want to be shielded by the air conditioning unit’s cold blow. But if you’re not cleaning the air conditioner, it will gather dust on the outside and inside, or the evaporator and condenser coils can get clogged. If you have more than three air conditions and you need to bring them to the service center you can hire mover services. You are using a soft cloth to brush away the residue from the outside carefully.  Open the AC unit and use a soft bristle brush to clean dirt from the coils with the coil scrubber. Finally, scrub the drip pan with soap and water or a combination of 50-50 bleach and water. There are several easy-to-clean items inside and outside of the condenser unit. Continuing to ignore cleaning your air conditioner could cause many problems and money to be spent on repair work.

It is vital to pay attention to the cleanliness of our home. Whether cleaning is not your cup of tea or not your hobby, each family member needs to cooperate in cleaning the house and making it a neat place to live in.  Sometimes we are not aware there are many areas and items in our home required to be washed, cleaned, and maintained. It is just that sometimes we are too busy not to check all those activities. Or shall I say that others failed to recognize some things inside the house that demanded to clean? This place is our house where we belong. A home that is nice to stay in is neat and tidy.

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