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4 Things to Do When You Suddenly Lose Water Pressure

Losing water pressure is a problem, the size of the problem depends on what you were doing. For example, if you are washing the dishes then a reduced water pressure means the” bowl will fill slower but the dishes can still be done.

But, a dramatic drop in water pressure when showering can make a huge difference, potentially ruining or cancelling your shower. You’ll want to instantly call a good plumber Sydney. However, before you do or while you are waiting for them to arrive, it’s a good idea to do a little research. Here are four things you should do:

  1. Check Your Neighbours

A loss in pressure can be an issue with your plumbing. However, if nothing has changed recently and the pressure drop is sudden, it could be a supply issue.

The best way to verify this is to ask your neighbours if their pressure has dropped. If the answer is yes then it is likely the water board has caused the issue. It is often the result of works that have damaged a water pipe, causing a loss of water and a drop in pressure across the system.

In this instance, you’ll have to wait for the water board to resolve the issue.

  1. Look At Your Regulator

The next step is to look at your pressure regulator. Most homes have one of these, they allow you to set the water pressure in your home, ensuring it is below the maximum that your equipment can handle and preventing valves and seals from blowing constantly.

If the regulator looks the same as normal try turning the pressure up or down to see what effect it has on the water. If there is no difference then the regulator may be broken and this is likely to be the cause of your low water pressure. It will need to be replaced.

Of course, this means shutting off the water and it’s a job best left to the professionals.

  1. Inspect the System For Leaks

Another common reason for a drop in water pressure is a leak in your system. Visually inspect all the pipes and valves in your water system. You may notice a wet section that tells you that you have a water leak. This will need to be resolved before you can get the pressure back.

It is also possible to take a meter reading and then wait an hour or two without using any water. Take a second water meter reading, if the numbers have changed you have a leak and you need to find it.

  1. Listen To Your Water Heater

Finally, a drop in water pressure can be a result of an issue with the tankless vs tank water heaters. Listen to it and visually inspect it to see if there is anything different about it. There isn’t much more you can do but this may tell you if there is an issue.

Doing the above things will help you narrow down the issue and this will be beneficial to your plumber.

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