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5 Benefits of Biodegradable Products that Change your Aspect

Did you know that at least 8% of all plastic items find their way to the ocean, which is an alarming number. Unfortunately, the level of pollution is continuously rising, and plastic is one of the biggest reasons behind it. Plastic pollution is at an all-time high, despite businesses and customers waking up to its evil consequences.

Since recycling plastic takes years, and some of those items are non-recyclable, turning our attention to biodegradable products is becoming imperative. From big enterprises to small-scale businesses, everyone is trying their best to include biodegradable products and packaging into their daily lives. Even customers find those companies appealing who are manufacturing and selling biodegradable products.

One such place where biodegradable products are making difference is coffee. Several people have already changed their coffee-drinking habits. They prefer biodegradable coffee pods instead of plastic covered pods. Similarly, more and more people are turning to glass or recyclable plastic storage containers to be more eco-friendly.

Biodegradable products and packaging will not only build a positive image for you but you will also enjoy more benefits. In this article, we will list a few benefits of choosing biodegradable products over plastic ones.

Benefits of choosing biodegradable products

  1. You do not consume any toxins

Plastic products take years to break down, releasing chemical toxins more into nature. These not only have adverse effects on the environment, but also on the health of human beings. But when you switch to biodegradable products, you are choosing things without toxins. They are safe and break down with ease.

  1. You are exposed to allergens

When you buy something, the plastic packaging on the product can have allergens harmful for everyone. A consumer is always on the look-out for products that are safer for them. So, if your packaging is free from allergens, it will likely appeal more to people. It is one reason why pod coffee drinkers are switching to biodegradable coffee pods as the packaging is safe and recyclable.

  1. It will cost you less due to decrease in packaging cost

When a business uses biodegradable packaging for their products, it emits less solid, water, and electricity waste. That is not only perfect for the environment, but it also cuts back on packaging cost.

  1. Composability

The biodegradable products, when recycled along with agricultural waste, provides a better fertilizer option for plants. It helps plants retain water and nutrients, so the dependence on chemical fertilizers decreases.

  1. No pollution

They break down better than traditional plastic and don’t lead to greenhouse gases. Thus, they are more eco-friendly and don’t contribute to pollution.

Eco-friendly items that everyone should switch to now

  • Reusable coffee cups

Just switching to compossible coffee pods is not enough, if you are using plastic coffee mugs to take your coffee on the go. Instead, switch to ethical earth’s reusable coffee cups. They use biodegradable material like silicon, so not only are they recyclable, but perfect for any coffee machine. Even cafes and offices should make this switch at the earliest.

  • Grocery bags

Getting groceries in plastic bags is not economical. It is time to switch to a better option. Find a grocery bag, which is not only reusable but classy too. Since, you can use them infinitely, they are cheaper and safer than plastic bags. Also, grocery shops too should use paper or cloth bags or biodegradable plastic bags for customers.

  • Glass water bottles

Glass water bottles are great, and they look amazing at dinner tables too. Also, you can switch to stainless steel bottles to carry and store water. The same goes for all plastic containers you have for your pulses and rice and so on.

  • Cutlery

Stop buying plastic cutlery that is hard to recycle. Tons of households have plastic cutlery for outings, and it’s time to switch to biodegradable cutleries.

We are down on the consumption of plastic that is hard to recycle. The changes people and businesses are making by opting for biodegradable products is commendable, but it still needs to reach its full potential. But by making the public aware and changing business ideologies, this is one dream we can achieve.

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