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5 Best Tools You Must Use to Write a Resume!

A big chunk of workers is often disappointed with the jobs they have. Either the pay is low, or the employer is rude, or the position is simply not aligned with their passion. Often this happens because people begin looking for jobs in the wrong places.

This is where a resume comes in! A resume is one of the essential documents one creates in their lifetime, as a resume is a documentation of one’s qualifications, skill set, and experience that can lead them to their dream job, or at least a job that suits them well.

Therefore, one must create their resumes with the utmost care and focus as well. Now, it is not in every individual’s capacity to come up with a perfect resume on their own, but that can be achieved with a little help.

Today, let us check out the 5 best tools you must use to write a resume. We will check out these tools’ features that make them so beneficial and help you achieve the best possible resume for you!

#1. Creddle

Creddle is a platform that is crafted to have an aesthetically pleasing resume by providing users with multiple templates to choose from. Employers usually do not like wasting time sifting through messy and unorganized resumes, so an organized and good-looking resume automatically attracts their eye and appeals to them.

Furthermore, an organized resume also creates an impression of you being an organized and responsible individual, which are fundamental aspects of being a good employee; this escalates your chances of getting selected by many folds.

#2. Boom Resume Writing

Now that we have the visual appeal down, we must get to prioritization. Not every achievement that you make is of the same level, and the same goes for your educational degree and experience.

One needs to learn how to arrange these experiences, degrees, and achievements in perfect order so that the resume sums up your capabilities in a crisp, yet effective way.

Boom Resume Writing talks to you and consults with you to craft the best order in which your affiliations can be presented so that it looks most appealing to your employer; this again, reflects upon you as you come across as a person capable of assigning values and prioritizing things, which is an excellent quality in an employee.

#3. Grammarly

One of the essential things about crafting a resume is how correctly put it is, we know how to make our resume look pleasing and put our resume in order, but all this effort will go to waste if the actual content of our resume is flawed.

Be it a wrongly formed sentence, a spelling error, constantly repeating words, or even a misplaced comma, it reflects poorly on your resume, makes you look lazy, and decreases your chance of getting hired.

Grammarly is of great help in this regard, as Grammarly can quickly point out these mistakes and also tell you when you are writing in a passive voice—making sure that the correctness, engagement, delivery, and readability of your resume is on point.

You can use Grammarly’s free trial version (Visit this link) to check its basic features. For advanced features such as plagiarism checker and sentence style suggestions, you need to upgrade to the Grammarly Premium.

#4. Readability Score

An official resume must be short, crisp, and to the point. If an employer wanted to read long texts, they would’ve chosen a book instead. Therefore, having a lengthy and wordy CV can be detrimental to your career goals.

Readability Score is an excellent tool in that regard as it gives you a readability score after evaluating your resume.

This helps you get a clear idea about how readable your resume is and if your employer would like to take another look at the resume or not.

Using this tool will simply give you an upper hand as not every employer is accomodating, and some simply need to act fast.

#5. Resume.com

We have so far looked at every tool that can perfect our resume regarding its visual appeal, grammar, arrangement, and readability, but what will one do with a perfect resume if there is no way to show it off to the potential employers?

Apart from the usual applying for jobs and submitting resumes, one can also upload their resume in Resume.com, where many employers come scouting for a good employee by checking their resumes out—making you the one being approached instead of you approaching many around.


In present times, getting a job is admittingly really tough, but a resume does help a lot in making this search more accessible, and if the resume is well built, then you are already so many steps ahead from the majority.

We hope you have some help from these tools and create a perfect resume, which yields you a great job!

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