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5 blogs you should reading if you interested in rare books

Are you interested in reading and collecting rare books? Then you should understand what it is like to have a collection of rare books. On top of that, you will prefer to have more details on it as much as possible. This is where the blogs on rare books can help you. To make the life easy for you, we thought of sharing more details with related to 5 prominent blogs that you must go through along with your interest in rare books. Simply take a look at these blogs and you will get valuable knowledge to gather more details on rare books.

Shapero Rare Books Blog

Shapero is one of the most recognized rare book dealers that you can find in the UK. If you are interested in collecting rare books, and if you are looking for a dealer that you can rely on, it is possible to seek the assistance of Shapero. Along with that, you may also take a look at the Shapero Rare Books Blog. This is among the best blogs written on rare books as of now.

One of the best things about the Shapero Rare Books Blog is that it is written by specialists on rare books. Hence, you can gather lots of valuable information with related to rare books. You will not need to worry about the accuracy of content shared in this blog as well. The available blog posts on Shapero Rare Books Blog are divided into respective categories to make the life easy for you as you go through the blog. Hence, you can gather all facts and then go ahead with reading the blog. This will provide a great overall experience as you browse through the blog.

John Pistelli

This is the site for you if you don’t care about current events or hot subjects and just want to read something interesting.

John Pistelli has a Ph.D. in English literature and is a professor at the University of Minnesota. He has also written and published poetry and fiction. Every week or so, he posts a new book review on his website, and his selections are based on his particular interests, which include classic and current fiction. Look through his review index for a long list of titles, many of which have his intelligent and artistic ideas and musings. He writes novels, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and comics, as well as some commercial fiction.

Literary Hub

This book blog contains all you need to stay current in the literary world, as well as news and culture. Its “Book Marks” feature, in addition to its other reading and writing options, drew my attention.

“Book Marks” aggregates book reviews from magazines, newspapers, and websites and averages them into a “Rave,” “Positive,” “Mixed,” or “Pan” score, similar to what “Rotten Tomatoes” does for movies. You may also post your own reviews and comments. Literary Hub is also a terrific place to go if you’re looking for a new book-related podcast to listen to.

A Life in Books

Susan Osborne, a blogger, has worked in book sales, as well as a writer and magazine editor. Her book blog is clean and straightforward. Susan writes meaningful evaluations and organizes books into interesting categories like “Five Novels I’ve Read,” in which she groups works into fives based on different themes, and “Six Degrees of Separation,” in which she cleverly connects seemingly unconnected books.

One of the best things about this blog is that you can find a separate category on it for rare books. You can go through that category and enhance your overall knowledge on rare books. The knowledge you can gather out of that section is valuable and you will appreciate everything that comes on your way. You can expect to find powerful reviews on the rare books. By going through those reviews, you can make the decision to spend your money on the perfect rare books available for purchase out there.

The Orangutan Librarian

This blog distinguishes out not just because of its original name and premise, but also because of its vibrant colors and charming sketches sprinkled throughout.

Books are scored on a five-banana scale, with thoughtful—and, at times, philosophical—reviews accompanying them. The Orangutan also welcomes feedback. “Books that Gave Me a Hangover” and “Forgettable Books—Books I Can’t Remember. Though I Definitely Read Them (I Think)” are two of the most intriguing selections.

One of the best things about this blog is that the authors behind it are rare book collectors. They will be sharing details with related to rare book collecting based on their experiences. You will therefore be able to call this as oen of the most effective blogs on rare book collecting as well. Some of the facts shared through this blog are not revealed anywhere else. Hence, you can go through the facts and start reading the books without keeping any second thoughts in your mind.

Jane Friedman

Jane’s book blog differs from the others on our list in that it focuses on writers, the writing process, and the ins and outs of the publishing industry. This site is a gold mine for writers who want to improve their skills and learn more about the publishing industry. Jane offers online workshops and interviews with industry specialists in addition to articles and book recommendations.

Final words

Now you are aware about the best blogs on rare books that you should be reading. We strongly encourage you to go through these books and gather information on rare books. Then you can become an effective rare book collector. You can also add more value to the rare book collection with the knowledge that you have. It is worthy to bookmark these blogs and go through the blog posts on a regular basis as well.

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