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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Leftover Tiles!

Though you would have read it before, but we are saying it again that tiles are versatile! No matter which colour or pattern you choose, they are sure to add a touch of glamour to your home in the most plausible way! Tiles are budget-friendly, they are durable — and they come in all sizes, colours, and patterns. Now what else do you want from them? But actually this isn’t enough! Tiles can be your DIY craft partner even after you have decorated your home with it! The leftover pieces of tiles can actually be used creatively and just how!

Ø  The best ways to incorporate leftover tiles in your home décor!

For a perfectly adorned home you require a properly designed place, the best selection of furniture, lovely colour in the rooms and the astounding looking tiles from Ceramic Tile Imports, the best tile suppliers in Melbourne. They have a plethora of excellent quality tiles for you to choose from and decorate your home better. And if after installing these, you are left with some good pieces of tiles, don’t throw them away! You can use them creatively again in your home décor. How? Read on to know more!

  1. Tile coasters on your tables —Feeling bored looking at your old and boring table tops for years? Now you can give them a new look by sticking the left over tiles on them. No matter if you place a single tile as coasters on this table or create an attractive design by combining two or more of the pieces, the results are dramatic, and the tables look enchanting.
  2. Tiled rug in your living room — Do you think your lounge space is incomplete or very plain? Then you can form an attractive tiled rug in your living room to make the place look more beautiful. Just pick out the pieces of the tiles from the boxes and don’t forget to jumble them to create a fantastic looking rug that would suit your living room decor very well.
  3. DIY tile coasters — Want a personalised touch to your home? Then use your left-over tiles to make some DIY tile coasters. Imprint your photos on it or simply carve a nice design on the same. Use it beautifully to adorn your hutch or the side table.
  4. Tiled planters – You would be surprised to see people converting their old bathtubs as planters. Well, you can at least make one with your leftover tiles. Stick the very small pieces of them on any random pot or container and create a captivatingly crafted planter for your shrubs.
  5. Napkin holders – Want an enticing space to keep your tissues or napkins in? Then join two or more pieces of square shaped tiles together and create a magnificent napkin holder or stand in your home.
  6. Tiles pencil holder — Want some fancy pencil holders for your office? Then take your normal bottle and cut it into half. Stick the pieces of tiles on it and enjoy a vibrant looking pencil holder on your office desk.
  7. Tiled wall hangings — Tiles look fabulous on your walls and floor as it is! But even when you are painting it, you can always create a fascinating DIY wall hanging with a small piece of a tile. And if you are over creative, then try merging two or more patterns of it to create a single hanging piece. Wouldn’t it be the most enticing piece to view in your room?
  8. Headboard — Who says your bed’s headboard should always be wooden? You can actually create a fascinating headboard by using tiles of multiple colours or the ones that match your décor theme to create a unique looking headboard to complement your bed.
  9. Tiled nameplates — If you are following the home decor trends very closely, you will know that the tiled name plates are in vogue recently. Layout your favourite mixed tiles by creating a fabulous mosaic and get your name embossed on the plaque beautifully. We are sure your entrance would look all the more alluring.
  10. Tiled trays — When you are using tiles to create a unique pattern of them in your home, think out of the box. Use these tiles within a wooden frame and voila you have a stain resistant attractive looking tray to serve food or drinks.

These ideas are sure to give your home decor a brand-new facelift – and all of it with just leftover tiles!  So, where are you going to put your tiles this season to enhance the beauty of your home decor?

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