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5 Quick Tips to Measure Average Cost of Basement Renovation

As the world changes, home trends also get changed. From introducing the luxury apartments to the houses, the basement started getting its importance back. With the revamp in designs, the basement now turns out to be the play area, guest room, cinema, or washing area. This encourages people to remodel their old basements in this 21st century.

However, the unexpectedly high basement renovation cost often forces people to drop the idea and instead consider repairing the wall lines in the basement. But as it is said that modern problem requires modern solution; therefore, you can easily calculate the cost before renovating the basement. This helps you to plan and save money before you consider a basement renovation.

In 2020, the online grid calculator helps you to measure the average cost of basement renovation. To ensure that you measure perfectly and get an overview of the basement renovation cost, you just need to continue reading this blog.

1.   Know Basement Project

When it comes to basement renovation, it is important to know how you want to convert your basement. There are countless ways to do so; however, most budget-friendly ways are discussed below

  • Simple Finish Wall & Floor that cost 5 thousand dollars
  • Carpeting, Flooring, good lighting, and Egress window cost 6 thousand dollars

2.   Evaluate The Average Basement Renovation Cost

Remodeling a basement makes a lot more sense if you want to add living space. However, the average cost of basement renovation depends on various elements’. The typical basement renovation costs nearly 90$ square feet, including the modern finishes and decors. A rough estimate of 6 hundred square foot remodeling cost is around 45 to 55 thousand dollars.

3.   Determine The Cost Associated with Basement Renovation

There are many things connected with a basement renovation. When calculating the average cost of basement renovation, it is important to determine the cost of the things associated with it. The top elements that you need to consider before basement remodeling are as follows

  • Future Use: By identifying the basement’s current and future use, you can save a fee later.
  • Square Footage: the size of your basement matters a lot. You need to measure before evaluating the cost.
  • Framing: The framing cost usually comes when you need to sectioning of the space. Therefore, you need to consider the framing cost as well.
  • Drywall Installation: The type of drywall you want to use, and the drywall finish cost is all associated with a basement renovation. You should use Dry lining in this process.

4.   Additional Cost to Consider

When it comes to basement renovation, many hidden costs can easily be neglected in the overall calculation. The basic labor cost is what matters the most. Apart from material cost, you need to calculate the ceiling, and labor cost. The ceiling cost depends on the type of ceiling you want to use. The paneled suspended tile ceiling cost varies from $130 to $350.

However, the cost of labor varies according to work. For example, the floor installer takes 5 to 8 $ per square ft., while the plumber takes 4 to 5 dollars per hour.

5.   Take Online Help

By determining the material, choosing the floor plans, and selecting the project, you can evaluate which type of basement renovation you want. When finalizing the average cost of basement renovation, you must calculate the grid area, square foot, and other elements. Now, to calculate the average cost, you can take help from online calculators.

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