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5 Signs That You Are Ready for a Mechanical Watch

There comes a time in a man’s life when he wants to make a thoughtful decision on what kind of watch he needs to get. Perhaps you are that man and you’re searching for answers to whether or not it’s time for you to get a mechanical watch. If so, maybe you’re also curious if getting a mechanical watch will be worth getting over a quartz watch. In this post, let’s talk about five signs that say you’re ready for a mechanical watch.

1.  You Understand the Difference Between Mechanical and Quartz Movements

Let’s touch on the essential differences between the two. To say the least, they are two extremely unique technologies–so comparing them wouldn’t do justice, the same way you wouldn’t compare two different sports. Mechanical watches are based on the same technology used in making pocket watches in 15th Century Europe, while quartz watches are battery-operated timepieces that later rose to fame in the ’70s.

For casual wearers, quartz would be the more practical option since it is cheap and affordable. Its battery helps revolve a quartz crystal that causes its movement. Mechanical watches on the other hand are relatively more expensive. You may chance upon cheap ones for less than a hundred bucks, but the rarest types can cost around a million dollars in auctions. Knowing these differences will be crucial to making your first purchase.

2.  You Can Now Afford It

There might be bargains that you would find at very tempting price-points, but chances are, these mechanical watches are being disposed of due to hidden or pre-existing issues. You wouldn’t like to get into those kinds of trouble now, would you? If you are going to spend money on a mechanical watch, it should as well be on one that you can enjoy throughout your lifetime–without the unnecessary, frequenting visits to a watchmaker.

With that said, a crucial factor to consider is whether or not you can afford one. You don’t need to get yourself a rare mechanical watch that would cost a whopping hundred grand or more. That is why when you’re ready, the Grand Mechanical watch is the perfect place to start. You wouldn’t even need to spend twenty grand just so you could appreciate a new watch with mechanical movement. Since this would be your first time, you must indulge yourself in a timepiece that is brand new, one that you can make your own history with.

3.  You Desire to Dress With Authority

A mechanical wristwatch is more than just a costly embellishment. Perhaps you just received a promotion, made a huge win, or got entrusted with bigger responsibilities at your company. Imagine meeting with executives, clients, and other prominent individuals regularly. Much yet, perhaps you are the CEO of the company. A sophisticated timepiece on your wrist can give a grand emphasis on your position. It can help you dress with authority, communicate that you mean business, and show your subordinates who’s boss. If anyone notices that you are wearing a handcrafted mechanical watch, it can also display how much you value time, hard work, and that you pay good attention to detail.

4.  You Recognize Its Durability and Value

One great feature of mechanical watches is their ability to outlast lifetimes. This is also a good explanation behind its often-hefty price. Later in life, you can eventually give the watch to your child as a family heirloom or to a much younger friend or family member since mechanical watches are made to last even up to a century. They are also categorized as “investment items” since their value is bound to increase over time.

5.  You Appreciate History and Craftsmanship

Last but certainly not least, a sign that you might be ready to buy a mechanical watch is your new sense of appreciation. Somewhere along the line, you must have tried to fathom the passion and resilient hours of hard work that took to create such a timepiece.

When you consider practicality, it may seem expensive and inconvenient that the watch would need more servicing compared to a quartz watch. Yet, why do many people still prefer watches with mechanical movement? There’s no other reason than because the wearer understands and appreciates the heritage of mechanical watches. It is consciously taking a step back while recognizing the history behind such craftsmanship. To them, it is almost like wearing history itself.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to buy a mechanical watch can seem like a tough choice. Not to mention that the price is usually no joke. Even though many people like to debate and compare which movement is better, there is not much reason to do so because both are made from completely different technologies. It’s all up to you if the mechanical movement is more fitting for your lifestyle and preference. We truly hope that this post has guided you in deciding if you’re ready to buy a mechanical watch!

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