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5 Style Ideas That You Can Use For Memorial Plaques For A Loved One

When you create a plaque to honor a loved one that has passed on, you want to ensure that they are remembered in a loving and honorable way. You need to be careful when using plaques because you want to ensure that you are choosing options that will please the family and being a design that the person who passed is reflected in. At the end of the day, remember it’s that person you want to please most, not the others though they matter too.

Going Traditional Is A Common Style 

Traditional is a standard style because it is made with high-quality materials like stone and bronze. The letters are perfectly carved with the loopy script to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. It won’t have many add-ons but instead will opt for a lovely verse or quote that meant something to the person that is gone.

Modern Memorial Plaques Will Employ More Innovation

Modern memorial plaques tend to opt for more unique ideas as far as the design, lettering, and the way they will be presented. In modern memorial plaques, you will see more photos incorporated in the design and more blocked lettering. In most modern options, you will see an option for putting the ashes inside the stone. See more on how to order memorial plaques.

Timeless Elegance Never Goes Out Of Style

You might be thinking that a timeless classic and traditional are the same, but they are vastly different. A timeless memorial plaque will have a more carved look to resemble options for decades in the past. The work is short, simple and it doesn’t go over the top with how it is done. You will see modern options have the add-ons of photos and areas of that nature, this type of memorial plaque is simple and to the point. It will also resemble stone in most cases. However, others use options that include natural looks.

A Natural Look Is A New Idea

Wood is coming back into play, and the wooden memorial plaques coming out now have been simple but sweet. Many people like a natural look, something minimalistic. If that is what you need, this is the option that will work best. The lettering on most is done with a wood-burning gun, though for more stylish options, it is engraved. The artist will also add different variations in the style of lettering ranging from Gothic to Victorian. The look is beautifully done and a great way to honor a loved one who felt that nature was a place of happiness.

Bold In Life And After It

If someone was bold in life, honor it in the plaque. More aggressive options have deep and rich colors while employing the same high-quality materials you would find in traditional options. The difference is people use pictures and bold slanting lettering to create a look that you can see right when you enter a room. This look is controversial because some feel that it is in your face instead of respectful. However, this option is tastefully done and ultimately comes down to you.

Honor Their Heart

When you choose memorial plaques for your loved ones, honor their heart and spirit and select something reflective of them. You won’t go wrong with this and will have a piece of them with you always.

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