Who doesn’t wish to have a part of the universe on their name? If not a real moon, then get your name, picture, or text on the 3D moon lamp, which has NASA printed image giving it the real texture and appearance of a moon. Undoubtedly moon lamps are one of the best gifts for selenophiles. However, getting a perfect moon lamp is not easy as it seems. While buying a Levitating Moon Lamp, it is important to make the following considerations:


Pictures are the characteristic of customized moon lamps. But, what if the picture gets too small in contrast to the moon lamp? It will look awful. In order to prevent this, you must keep in mind not only the size of the moon lamp but also the size of the picture.

First things first, remember that the diameter of the moon lamp will affect the height of your picture on it. For instance, if your picture is 5 or 6 inches, a small lamp will be fine for it. You have to choose the size wisely. It is recommended to choose a moon lamp with a large diameter as large-sized customized moon lamps look more appealing than small-sized ones.

Secondly, the format of the picture also matters a lot. A portrait picture does not fit well on the moon lamps. A landscape image, in contrast, is appropriate for a customized moon lamp and is highly recommended.


A customized moon lamp will be of no joy if the picture on it is rough, old, or blur. The picture on a moon lamp should be clear and shiny rather than dull and ugly.

To avoid a blurry or dull picture on your moon lamp, keep in mind the following tips. First, the picture you are providing should not be too old.

Second, the picture must not be blurry. A blurry picture on your phone will result in a blurry picture on your customized moon lamp.

Third, select a good supplier with a good reputation and reviews. A corrupt supplier will give a bad customized moon lamp even when your picture is clear. It is because that supplier would use low-grade materials for 3D printing. Also, the technicians are not professional, and they do not stick to good manufacturing practices.


The success of a good man lamp lies in the clarity and texture of 3D printing. Accordingly, a customized moon lamp should have a smooth texture, clear 3D printing, and a clear printing of the picture you provided.

A quality customized moon lamp looks like a real moon, not a fake circle having a blurry image. For gaining an edge from bad textured and unclear customized moon lamps, you need to keep a few things in mind before getting them.

First of all, always prefer quality over money. A lot of people ended up making bookings withcorrupt suppliers just for saving money. This results in wastage of bothtime and money.

Always research well before selecting and ordering a customized moon lamp. Look at all the websites offering these lamps and read the reviews. Read the description of all the moon lamps the website is offering. Select the one which is made of PLA (Polylactic acid), has a good battery, and has a clear texture.


The position of the picture or text has a central place in the success of a customized moon lamp. Carelessly ordered, your customized moon lamp will come out to be a total failure. Here are some tips for you to follow to avoid wrong positioned text or images on your customized moon lamp.

Some people want both text and image, usually in the form that the text is below the image. If you also want this type of Levitating moon lamp, you have to remember that the length of text determines its position on the moon lamp. If the text is short, it can be adjusted below the picture. But, if the text is lengthy, it will automatically be shifted to the other side.

Some websites do not tell about the location of the text/image at all. If you are thinking to order from these kinds of websites, it is better that you don’t because the absence of information about the location of text/image is an indicator that they are not professionals. However, if you still want to order, mention the location by yourself while ordering.

You can also get a 360-degree image on your customized moon lamp, or you can select any way between 0-360 degrees for your text or image.


If you want a perfect customized moon lamp, you need to understand this aspect very carefully.

The height of the image is limited by the diameter of the moon lamp. For example, you have chosen a small-sized moon lamp for customization, and your image is tall. In this case, your picture will be cropped to fit the diameter of the moon lamp. To avoid this, it is best to choose a horizontal image.

There may also be a situation in which the picture is too big. In this condition, the picture will be cropped both for height and width. To avoid this, choose the lamp and the image following each other.

If you want a tall picture to be printed on your moon lamp, you have to select a large-sized moon lamp. Usually, an 8 or 9.5 inches moon lamp can display 100% of the pictures.


Choosing a perfect customized moon lamp is a time-taking process. Always keep the following things in mind for getting your dream customized moon lamp:

  • Always choose a professional and reputable supplier.
  • Look for the position of text and image.
  • Choose a horizontal image.
  • Choose the width and height of the image in compliance with each other.
  • Choose a clear and well-textured customized moon lamp.

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