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5 Tips to Manage Deliveries Better for Ecommerce Sellers

If you are an ecommerce business owner, you would be well aware of how important delivering the products is. How your product gets delivered contributes very heavily towards that positive review from customer or the lack of it. In fact, a study concluded that delayed and inconvenient shipping was responsible for 60% bad product reviews in 2020. To manage deliveries correctly is a task and a half.

Local market-oriented businesses like restaurants, florists, tech repairs and others can manage their own delivery side of things. Bigger country-wide or even larger international brands need to rely on courier services for the part. Ecommerce sellers normally have to manage deliveries using platform provided options or using some existing logistics solutions instead.

Unless your ecommerce business has its own logistics, solution organized, here are some tips to help you manage deliveries efficiently:

Use Correct Packaging Materials

Packaging materials account for product shipping safety, cost and environmental factor the most. Using the right packaging materials, shipping for even fragile products can be made much safer. Many packaging materials are at disposal but cardboard has proven to be one of the most efficient.

Cardboard and cardstock have many great benefits that might be unique to the material. Some of these include:

  • Cardboard is very easily processable and can be shaped and cut easily
  • It is soft and corrugated cardboard has air gap cushion for extra protection
  • It is also rigid enough to support all kinds of packaging requirements
  • Cardstock is reusable and can be recycled very easily to be used many times
  • Cardboard is also one of the cheapest packaging materials available today

Other packaging materials such as woods or plastics may offer some of these properties. However, none offer every single one and cardstock offers better value for money and environment protection in the long run. When looking to manage deliveries, be sure to choose the right packaging materials.

More Protection for Fragile Items with Box Inserts

Ecommerce brands that offer technology products, glass and mirror decorations or other fragile items, need to manage deliveries more carefully. Only cardboard boxes on their own or any other packaging boxes might not be enough to guarantee safe shipping.

To add that extra layer of protection, box inserts can be used. These are essentially machine cut pieces of softer materials like Styrofoam that form a protective layer around products. Styrofoam can be shaped, cut and produced in any machine product matching designs.

When done right, you’d have box inserts to be in perfect shapes that would hold products in place. The soft protection these are able to provide is unmatched by many other forms of layers. It is also very affordable. But, is not very recycle friendly. However, it can manage deliveries much more efficiently.

Ensure No Movement for Products

What is the one thing that is responsible for damaging products and making them lose value? Apart from the actual product quality, it is the way and form they get delivered in. To manage deliveries better, product protection and integrity maintenance is essential.

Products or fragile items are prone to damage most when they move freely inside their boxes. When using machine cut box soft box inserts, product movement will almost always be limited. However, many times wrong inserts are used for fragile products that let movement be a thing.

Any same day courier in UK or anywhere else in the world would tell you’re the importance of limiting product movement inside boxes. When you are using your own brand boxes, make sure to remove any chances of product movement at all. This will help keep products safe.

Choose Your Logistics Company Responsibly

Ultimately, to manage deliveries better, you’d need to rely on your shipping and logistics partners. Ecommerce sellers need to think about choosing their logistics partners very carefully. Product safety, on time shipping and convenience for sellers and buyers are all logistics dependent.

To manage deliveries in a more efficient way, you need to consider different courier options. Amazon and eBay have their own integrated courier options as well. You can also select different ones to ensure safe shipping for all kinds of products when needed.

Logistics solutions need to be affordable to allow better profit margins and yet provide all the added functionalities as well. Parcel delivery companies in UK are available that offer a combination of services perfect for ecommerce sellers. Have a look at which one suits your needs best.

Select the Right Delivery and Shipping Option

There are actually many different delivery options to choose from when looking to manage deliveries. Same day and next day courier services in UK and all other parts of the world are available options. Economy shipping provides much more affordable results for sellers as well.

Depending on the nature of products and buyer requirements, you can select any from these available options. Same day courier will be the most expensive shipping option. Next day will cost slightly less. Economy shipping will be the ultimate money saver.

Selecting the suitable delivery option, you can save time and money. Not all products will be required to be delivered same day. Not all will be needed for next day shipping. Be sure to manage all deliveries better by selecting the right shipping option.

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