5 Tips you must remember while buying Dog Clothes

5 Tips you must remember while buying Dog Clothes

Buying clothes for dogs is as exciting as buying clothes for yourself. Making your dog wear clothes is a great way to make them look fashionable. The clothes you buy will protect your dog from various weather hazards and insects. Hence, it is very necessary to buy dog clothes with full focus as there are apparels that can be more aesthetic than being protective. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best clothes for your dog.

Size of the clothes


You must always buy dog clothes that will fit the dog properly and must not limit the movements of the dog. Different breeds come in different weights and sizes. Their measurements are also different. Hence, you cannot buy apparel just by reading the label. It is always recommended to measure the size and length of your dog before buying any apparel for it.

  • Materials and Fabrics

Materials and Fabrics


Dogs will run and play so the material of the cloth should be bought accordingly. Buy stretchy materials like spandex and cotton that make the movement of the dog easier. Focus more on woolen clothes because sometimes yarn made with real wool can make their body itch. Instead of this, you can choose a material that is made up of a mixture of washable wool and cotton or you can also buy synthetic fabric clothes.

  • Clothes that are suitable for the weather

Clothes that are suitable for the weather


You must always choose dog clothes depending on the environment and the weather. Dogs have sweat glands just below their pads and so there is a chance that they may get overheated during hot weather. Avoid putting on any warm clothes in the hot weather even if you feel it looks great. During winter, if your dog has a thin coat of layers in its body, you can provide it with warm clothes when you go outside but if your dog is having a thick layer of hair in its body, you must totally avoid warm clothes in winter as well.

  • Prefer choosing adjustable clothes

Prefer choosing adjustable clothes


Dogs grow very fast and so the dog clothes you buy can work for a few days and the next day it may become too tight. If you have a puppy that grows quite faster, you can opt for clothes that are adjustable or have features that can help you to adjust the apparel according to the weight and height of the puppy.

  • Avoid clothes that consist of zippers and strips

Avoid clothes that consist of zippers and strips


Always prefer buying clothes that are easy to put on and take off because your puppy will not wait for long to take off the apparel you have put on it. It can get stuck and end up getting choked. Dressing your puppy can be a difficult task if it is not cooperative. Zippers and strips attached to the clothes of your dog can be dangerous as they might chew and swallow it. Avoid loose buttons, bows, and snaps as if your dog swallows it, it can be hazardous for them.

While buying dog clothes, if you keep the above tips in mind, they will surely help you to find the best outfits for your dog. Following these tips will not only help your dog to be safe but also will make it look adorable.

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