5 Ways to Stay Safe While Working With a Switchboard

Although it shouldn’t be too complicated to work with a switchboard if you follow the buyer’s guide and the instructions inscribed, but whether it’s complicated for you or not, you should make sure of taking some necessary precautions just in case. You should also carry out a proper risk assessment to avoid any mishap. Switchboards are household items and present in most of the households around the world. So they should not be too hard to handle but there are 5 ways you can make sure you avoid bad circumstances.

Risk Assessment

First you must understand what you are dealing with. You must know how a switchboard works and how its functions are designed. To do that you might need your products proper guide, and you must comprehend it properly. If you have the guide it might not be too hard for you to understand your product and how it functions, you will further understand its safety mechanisms and how to work your device. You should also understand what the worst case scenarios are, and how to prevent them. There might be extreme cases where explosions occur, there might be electrical shocks emitting and further a risk of fire persists.

In many cases it has been evident that removing the panels from the board has resulted in shocks and explosions, thus injury and burns, which in some cases might end in severe burns. You can avoid that with a well designed product crafted with your safety kept in mind. The Unity Pro at Switchboard is the perfect tool for that, and it can help you best.

Emergency Situations

In some situations the case might be worst than what you are used to dealing with but if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot understand how to figure the issue out. You shouldn’t take a risk and complicate your health, in such cases you should contact electrical workers. The electrical safety laws demand them to help you with any situation too severe and you shouldn’t shy away from help. In most cases people do not have the equipment required for recovery and such times can lead to a call for help.

Instructions and Safety Hazards

You should study the safety hazards for your safety; they help you understand the control measures of the device and its functions. Based on the nature of the device and its tendency to affect you on a personal level, the strictest measures should be applied. You should completely turn of the energy linking to the device otherwise, if your device is potentially a 500KVA output holder, one shock from such a device can lead to temperatures as high as 19000 degree Celsius. It can be a life hazard and should be taken seriously.


You should use non-conducting equipment for testing and repair. You shouldn’t use metallic equipment around an electric meter, any metallic pencils, rulers, or rings can be stimulating to the electricity. If you are dealing with a more sensitive case then you should make sure to have the proper gear, shoes, gloves and suit.

Setting the Equipment

When you are setting your device and configure the switchboard to the main circuit. You should always remember to set your equipment in a spot which is suited to it rather than somewhere consequential. You can avoid using the equipment in a cold room which may have the risk of condensation. If any liquids infiltrate the equipment, it might ruin it and risk hazards.

These are 5 ways you can make sure you are safe while you deal with your switchboard, and some products offer you the complete guide.

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