6 Cake Flavours Your Children Would Love on Their Birthday

“Happy birthday to you”. A statement, often a song sung collectively by all the special people of your life who care for you and root for you. A typical birthday has some statements like elements without which it is practically impossible to call it a complete birthday. Some people plan their birthdays a year before, like the day after they celebrate their current birthday. It is funny but also cute. Some don’t even wish to celebrate their big day but do it under positive peer pressure. But one part of our society is highly intrigued about their big bash, which is kids. Extremely excited about presents and birthday cakes for kids, they don’t care much about anything else. In a way, they make it immensely easy for you, the one who has taken over to make their day count.

If all they care about is cake it should be the best, read ahead to judge for yourself the most flavoursome cake ever.

Kids love their chocolates be it cakes or legit bricks with nuts and crunchies. Going with this is like a sure shot option that would compromise you but instead book a more than permanent space in your kid’s heart. Get one with nuts and chips to make it creamier and delightful at .The richness of a chocolate cake is it dark or white increases tenfold just with the addition of toppings and swells. And of course, look exotic as well.

  • Vanilla cake

It is that ace card that will never let your effort go in vain. A vanilla cake is loved by children, elderlies, and everyone being a classic evergreen flavour that it is. If you know, it’s right for your family but are confused for some reason jump it to a multi-tiered one. Being plain with its flavour still overly exciting with its special selection of twist it will make your party a success. Your kid sure will love the idea of a tiered cake too. Trust us.

  • Butterscotch cake

If your kid is too small or a newborn, there is not much possibility of them eating a lot of cake. It makes the party the one for adults and who denies a butterscotch flavour in that gentry. These flavoursome cakes can also be coupled with hints of chocolate in the form of cookies or chips or syrup, which makes it a two in one blast combination that will sway everyone. A fan of nuts you can always add them in between the layers of bread also. There’s no going wrong with this one.

  • Rainbow cake

You love your vanilla cake, but your heart wants more than just that, then go for a rainbow cake. Tasting quite similar to vanilla but still giving essence and taste of the distinguished flavours that have taken entry in the cake it is beyond what you can imagine it to be. You can customise it even more with gems poured in the centre. Just one cut with a knife and all the goodness come raining down and makes you drool.

  • Ferrero Rocher cake

Before you think you are getting a cake with Ferrero Rocher and nothing else, let us stop you right there. It is even better. This cake can base on any flavour from vanilla to butterscotch, and the chocolates can play the role of the missing chocolate in just the right amount. Neither overpowering not submissive the rochers play only the right role in making this the most fabulous cake you ever had. Give it a try you won’t regret.

  • Red Velvet cake

The last option may strike you like a surprise, but all you need to do is give it a try, and there won’t be a U-turn. It is a completely separate flavour from any other you may have tasted in the past. If you are one to experiment, you won’t hold back from having this one too. It is an even better option as it gives you qualified results. It is a tried and tested one, don’t hesitate from letting this delicious deity into your life.

Just imagine if you are drooling reading this, what would happen when you kid would actually get to taste it. Sweep them off their feet, blow their minds, gift them a birthday like never before.

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