6 classic pieces of shirt every guy should own

White shirt with collar is man’s best friend, which never lets him down. Whether it’s a casual day or any special moment, it transforms your everyday look into a unique look. A good pair of shirts and chinos with a stylish watch and shoes looks great. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep up with changing trends and color schemes. In this 21st century, old trends are returning, and new trends are setting in, which has become confusing for those who are not fond of fashion.

There is a saying, “A man is known by his personality & behaviour and outfit is an addition to it.” If you dress right, it leaves a lasting impression on others and gives you a feeling of being a gentleman as well. You don’t need tons of clothes in your wardrobe to look great every day. Just streamline your collection to only the clothes you’ll wear. Statement or formal shirts are a piece of clothing a man can’t have too many of. We recommend you to check out mizzen and main shirts reviews if you are looking for a perfect shirt to add to your closet.

Here, we have mentioned six classic pieces of shirts every man should own once in a lifetime. These are basic shirts that can be worn anytime, anywhere, and with anything.

1. A Black/white dress shirt 

A black or white shirt is a universal shirt that can be paired with denim, shorts, pants/chinos, or a tailored suit. If you are going on a date, any professional meeting or a casual get-together with your buddies, both of them are go-to shirts for every occasion. The black color usually compliments your skin, and you look bright in it. But, on the other hand, the white color enhances your features. But these shirts should be well defined and well-tailored according to your size.

2. Solid color shirts

These shirts usually look great with suits or types of denim. I prefer wearing them in the office, professional meetings, or any important occasion like a wedding or engagement. You can easily team up a suitable tie with it as well. Try to buy different color shades which suit your personality, or you like the most. Because we only look good when we like what we have worn.

3. Chambray shirt

These shirts are considered the most versatile piece of clothing. Unlike denim, it is plaited in a light fabric having plain sleeves to make it comfortable. These shirts are perfect for any smart-casual event or laidback gathering. If you are going for a more polished look, then team it up with a blazer. Else, wear it with a good piece of denim or chinos, and you are good to go.

4. Checked shirts

A checked shirt is a definite staple for any wardrobe, which can be worn in different ways. These shirts have an eye-catching element that enhances the personality the moment you wear them. Of course, many factors need to be considered while purchasing, like – the occasion, how small or big your checks should be or your style, etc.

5. Cuban collar shirts

Although these shirts have casual summer vibes, they have something dapper about it too. Their neckline has sharp cuts, which makes it look cleaner & more polished. It enhances your overall look in a matter of seconds and is ideal for comfortable summer attire. Team up these shirts with types of denim, loose pants, or chinos.

6. Classic T-shirts

Recently, basic T-shirts have taken an overall turn, and with tropical prints, geometric patterns, pastel colors, or vertical stripes have become very popular. These pieces have become classic statements in the wardrobe. You can wear them with anything – shorts, chinos, lighter denim or linen trousers, etc. Just wear them casually, without tucking in or anything. These pieces are the better option if you want to flaunt your biceps etc.


Even if you have many pieces in your wardrobe to nail your clothing game, it’s incomplete if you do not have these staple shirts. These statement shirts will save you any day or on any occasion as well. We recommend you try out different types of shirts and sizes to find your fit because few shirts look dapper when a little loose, or some look good when they have a proper fitting.


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