6 Plumbing Issues and When to Call a Pro!ṣ

How often have you seen a mess in your kitchen sink and failed to fix it yourself? How often is your washroom shower leaking and irritating you? How often have you cribbed about your improper faucet wasting precious water?

Well, all these complaints have one single solution. You need to hire a plumber who will whisk all your woes away.

Wondering when to hire an expert plumber to come home?

  1. Dishwasher gone haywire

If your dishwasher has stopped working or you’ve failed to switch it off, you need a plumber as soon as possible. One issue could be the water flowing out of your dishwasher during a wash. The second issue could be a leak when it isn’t operational. The third could be a valve problem with a leak at the bottom of the dishwasher.

You can try to fix these issues yourself but chances are you’ll make it worse. Plumbing is a detailed affair and it is better to make a call for help.

  1. A noisy sink

Often, you’ll see your faucet leaking water after use. Sometimes it goes away within seconds and sometimes it happens all the time. Try calling a plumber who can tighten the faucet and save some water.

Another problem could be the noise your faucet makes after being used. This could mean either your pipes are corroded or there is some blockage somewhere. DIY fixing options are a strict no when the pipes are old and brittle. If you have Reece plumbing and bathrooms, keep it safe by calling their experts directly.

  1. A clogging trouble

Any plumbing-related spot in your house can be clogged. You can have a clogged kitchen sink; bathroom sink or dishwater even. Clogging simply means it is taking twice the usual time to drain water. Also, you’ll be able to smell bad odor around the spot.

Sometimes you can clear small clogs via home tools easily. However, for bigger clogs, the experts should be at work. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a flooded house and a mess to clean.

  1. Light water pressure

We’re all used to our sinks and showers working at a certain speed. If your faucet has sediments being stuck, the pressure goes down. Your long baths become longer and it doesn’t give you the same satisfaction. You can try cleaning the aerators yourself also.

However, new types of aerators are pretty well stuck in place and difficult to replace as well. There can be other internal problems as well. Correct your low water pressure problems by calling your nearest plumber within a day itself.

  1. Water heater going weird

If your water heater has a leaking tank, it can ruin your house walls. Infact, it can damage other pipes and faucets too. Moreover, you’ll probably not have enough hot water during your showers. Water heaters are always risky to repair due to the connection to electricity as well. Call your plumber and electrician together to know the actual problem.

If your water is coming out smelly or discolored, it is surely a plumbing issue. However, if the heater is taking time to switch on or heat water, it could be a task for an electrician as well.

  1. Ceiling is a mess

If your paint is getting ruined by water, you’ll be able to see brown spots on the ceiling. Sometimes, these spots keep spreading due to rattling pipes or leaks. Infact, they can corrode your wires and the water can cause short-circuits as well.

You definitely need a pro to check where the leak is and to fix it without too much damage. You might have to bear the extra costs of repairing your ceilings and walls though.

Over to you…

So, now you know what to keep an eye out for and when to call a plumber. Also, keep checking if you have molds on any cabinets for an extra hint towards a possible plumbing problem.

Don’t forget to enquire at multiple agencies for a plumber to know the payment structure first. Also, don’t randomly buy tools or new faucets, etc. without consulting a plumber first.

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