6 Rules Of Cricket You Should Be Aware Of

If you are unfamiliar with the game’s rules, watching cricket can be difficult. Granted, this bat and ball game seems to be straightforward at first glance, but to correctly grasp the finer points of the matches, a solid comprehension of five fundamental rules is needed.

  1. Personal Harm

According to the umpire’s approval, a replacement fielder may be allowed if a fielder is harmed or falls sick during a match. It is not permitted for the replacement fielder to bowl or bat. After a replacement fielder is added, the substituted player is not allowed to field again during the game. A proper example would be of Yuzvendra Chahal in a game against west indies in 2020 in indore.

Replacements may only be permitted in the event of a match-related injury. According to the umpire’s approval, a runner would be allowed if a batsman is injured or falls sick during a match. Only the nominated eight players will be considered for the runner substitution.

  1. Batsmen Are Not Needed To Run

In the United States, baseball players are notorious for tossing their bats aside and sprinting from base to base. When cricket batters like Anil Kumble run, they bring their bats with them and use them to chart their progress by hitting the ground with them. It is important to note that they are not required to drive.

  1. Umpires That The Court does Not appoint

The neutral umpires’ rulings on the field of play are binding. Their verdict on drawn matches resulting from a lack of space is, therefore, final.

An independent/neutral+ umpire will oversee each match; however, opposing parties will be expected to supply referees (where participating teams have an umpire, it is incumbent on captains to impose on players (or others) the importance of being impartial at all times).

  1. Professional Cricket Matches Are Short-Lived Affairs

Nonetheless, these tournaments, commonly referred to as exhibition matches, last six hours a day and last five days. Playtime is fixed between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., so test matches must use only natural light.

  1. Additional Runs Are Possible With Overthrows

The batsmen will manage to score runs if fielders fail to return the ball. If the ball bounces to the field’s edge, the runs that have already been scored are added to the automatic four-run score that a boundary hit provides.

  1. Availability Of Equipment

  • Colored playing shirts are required; however, white cricket pants and white shorts will suffice. Both teams must dress in approved attire and use approved equipment.
  • Each team will be given four cricket balls to use in the preliminary matches; the balls will be used at the discretion of each group. For the medal round finals, new balls will be provided.
  • Except for the balls and stumps, all sides must have their playing facilities.
  • The preliminary round and medal round finals will be held on synthetic carpet pitches, with rubber-soled white sports shoes available. The match between the Northern Territory and the rest of Australia will be played on a turf wicket; spikes are recommended for this match if it takes place.

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