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7 Best Online Youtube Video Editor Software 2021

Billions of people are already viewing Billions of videos, thanks to the ongoing revolution in online video marketing. On the other hand, given the current information, you can never go wrong if you mention YouTube as a significant component of this trend.

According to YouTube Traffic metrics, the platform accounts for 44% of the internet’s overall traffic. As a video-sharing platform that can accommodate today’s trending niches, here in this part, we’ve listed the top 7 YouTube video editing solutions.

Once you get past this list, you will get a brief idea of the feature set provided by these platforms, which may help you in singling out your choices. These editors can help you to grow the Youtube channel with lighting speed.

Top 7 Online YouTube Video Editors

 1. InVideo

The versatility of InVideo is an advantage for both novice and expert users. Those who want to get in the video editing game quickly may utilize the 3500+ templates that are available on the site, while those who want to be creative can start from scratch.

There are a whopping 8+ million iStock pictures and videos in the 8+ Million iStock library to make your work stand out. The USP of InVideo is the fact that this is a cloud-based YouTube video editor.

Unlike traditional video editors, you don’t have to download any software to edit, nor do you risk losing your progress as everything is stored on the cloud. There are no plug-ins, extensions, or 3rd-party tools needed, thus the editor works fast even with all of the transitions, stickers, frames, and other features loaded.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The quality of Premiere Pro is top-notch among best video editing tools nowadays. Although widely utilized in Hollywood, it’s a common editing tool in video production, and it can turn short clips into beautiful creative works of art.

This is a fantastic video editing program, especially if you intend to deal with 4K footage or virtual reality. It is also capable of producing content at 8K and has end-to-end VR 180 compatibility, which allows you to post straight to YouTube.

Cross-platform functionality and the ability to pull in motion graphics from other Adobe products like After Effects are also included. For someone who wishes to go from being a video editor to an award-winning one, this is without question the finest choice.

3. Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is designed for new editors who are in a hurry and want a simple approach to editing videos. It is a cheap editing bundle that offers plenty of exceptional features all in one simple packaging.

The editing suite offers the following features: it can combine, trim, create transitions, and distribute the films effortlessly. In addition, you have the option of capturing screen activity using a special function that may help make instructional videos.

160 filters, along with caption support, slow motion, and chroma key, are all built-in. This is a solution for beginner video editors who are seeking a complete all-in-one video editing package.

4. Filmora X

Wondershare Filmora X is a simple program that enables you to easily edit videos and help make them distinct even if you don’t have any prior experience. It features a basic and user-friendly interface that is great for adding music and other effects.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to design titles that move, apply movie filters, and make content without restrictions. You have many options and freedom with this wonderful tool. Filmora X is a wonderful YouTube video editor for those who need a tool with infinite effects.

5. Pinnacle Studio

The Editors’ Choice award-winning Pinnacle Studio is a fantastic tool for newbies and pros seeking speedy video editing software. This is the newest software from Corel and a great way to make your company seem impressive on YouTube by making high-quality films.

Motion tracking, audio integration, and 360-degree films are among the software’s neat features. Depending on your editing ability, you have three options to choose from. So you’ll be able to skip buying premium features if you don’t need them.

6. Corel VideoStudio

In Corel VideoStudio, it is possible to make video editing as simple or as complex as you want, thanks to a broad variety of excellent tools. The UI is simple to use, making it straightforward for novices to use.

Besides providing high-quality 3D and 4K video support, the program also provides quick rendering, and it enables 360-degree VR, 3D content, and 4K Ultra-HD.

A free, automated Highlights Reel feature, additional timeline settings, and color wheels were introduced to the 2020 version. This application now has a far more diverse set of capabilities that will assist you in producing high-quality films that appear refined and professional.

7. Vegas Pro 365

There are several Vegas Pro 365 benefits that will assist you in getting your video career off to a strong start. For new users, the budget plan is excellent, since it comes with a complete range of video editing capabilities, while still costing much less than the other options.

People who use Vegas Pro want to know about the features that it offers that are not available anywhere else. Those who use Vegas Pro 365 will benefit from getting all of those and many more.

All of the usual capabilities are included, but in addition, you also receive access to special online training classes that will get you up and running much more quickly.


And now you know which of the most effective YouTube video editing applications you can leverage for your video editing and creation requirements. All the tools mentioned in the list have their strengths and weaknesses so make sure to try each of them before settling on a platform of your choice.

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