7 Reasons to Invest in a Customer Data Platform

A customer data platform or CDP is one of the most powerful tools for today’s businesses. This is a necessity in a time when marketing decisions are fueled by data. If you need more compelling reasons to use CDP, keep on reading and we’ll convince you that it is a necessity.

1.It Creates 360-Degree Customer Profiles

With platforms like Lytics, it is easier to gain a 360-degree view of your target market. This makes it easier to create buyer personas or customer profiles. It collects information from both online and offline sources, such as website visits and in-store interactions. You will gain both qualitative and quantitative data.

2.It Avoids Data Silos

A data silo refers to a group of data that is available to one department and inaccessible to the rest of the organization. It is bad for the business because it wastes storage space and creates a less collaborative environment. One of the best solutions to this is to use a CDP. It unifies customer information and employees. It provides a single platform that is available to all departments.

3.It Unifies Marketing Channels

Another good thing about a CDP is that it unifies cross-channel marketing efforts. As mentioned earlier, it utilizes both online and offline data. It provides consolidated and reliable data across multiple channels.

4.It Provides Data in Real-Time

The rise of CDPs can also be attributed to its ability to provide data in real-time. Once there is an interaction with the customer, it automatically records information. All users can immediately see this record once they access the platform.

5.It Increases Content Engagement 

Companies take advantage of digital platforms in ways more than one, including content marketing. To improve its effectiveness, CDPs can also help. Because of the valuable insights that it provides, you will know the right keywords to use to reach your target. It also allows content creators to have insights on how to frame their messages in such a way that it will appeal to their target audience.

6.It Presents a Single Version of Customer Truth

Data can be overwhelming, especially when they are coming from multiple sources. A CDP will prevent this from happening. Because of its ability to unify information, it presents a single truth that is accessible to all users.

7.It is Easy to Use

This benefit will depend on the specific platform you will choose. In most instances, however, it is user-friendly. It has a seamless interface that presents information in an easy-to-understand format. Even for new users, it won’t take long before one can make sense of a CDP.

With all the benefits mentioned above, it is clear that a CDP can be beneficial in more ways than one. It helps in creating customer profiles, personalizing your marketing campaigns, and preventing data silos, among other things. To yield these benefits, however, it is important that you carefully choose the right platform to use.

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