7 Rehabilitation Exercises To Practice After A Car Accident

Whether you like it or not, auto accidents are becoming more common around the world, particularly with the increasing number of vehicles on the road. That said, a majority of these auto wrecks end in the common car accident injuries.

The injuries that result from a vehicle’s collision vary from person to person. However, a few of the most common car accident injuries that people suffer from include whiplash car accident injury, joint injuries, muscle strains, wrist sprains, broken bones, tendinous lesions, spinal injuries, and traumatic head and brain injuries. Even after you are out of the immediate threat to life, these injuries can have a lasting effect on your body and daily life functions.

It is necessary to understand that every car accident injury is different. Hence, it is crucial that you get medical attention as required. It is important to get your injuries evaluated by a medical professional and decide what type of treatment will be best for a complete recovery.

To help you achieve an effective and complete recovery from the car accident injuries, given below are some of the top rehabilitation exercises that can be very helpful in restoring your physical and mental health after an accident.


Accident doctors in Atlanta and around the world will tell you that stretching is very important and essential before you perform any other type of physical exercise. Stretching gets your blood flowing and your body warmed up and ready for other exercises. This is even more necessary when you are still suffering from the injuries because your body is vulnerable at this point and it can easily cause further injury. That’s why stretching before any rehabilitative exercise and physical treatments will help to prevent more injuries and pain. Besides, after being in a car wreck, stretching also helps you restore the normal range of motion into your body.

Even though stretching can be very beneficial for you after being an accident, make sure to give your body rest after stretching and other physical exercises. Your body needs rest and getting overboard with stretching or starting too soon after the accident can cause unnecessary stress to your body and injuries.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is widely popular for many things and it offers several benefits for your health. Above all, massage therapy can help restore your bodily movements and functions back to normal after a car accident. Professionally supervised massage over the areas of the body where you are experiencing pain will help relieve your pain by decreasing muscle spasm, swelling, and stiffness. That said, massage therapy has many rehabilitation properties. It stimulates tissue healing as well as decrease tissue scarring by enhancing the circulation of oxygen and nutrients.

Some other benefits of massage therapy are enhanced joint flexibility as it manually stretches the tissues and skeletal muscles over joints. Hence, massage therapy can help you relax your body and enable you to recover quickly and completely.

Ice and heat treatment

This might be one of the more commonly known and used methods to recover from car accidents and other basic injuries. Applying ice to particular areas of the body can be very beneficial in reducing inflammation. Besides, ice also works well as an analgesic to temporarily numb the sharp pain.

Whereas, applying heat to the area of injury can help increase the blood flow. This means there will be more supply of oxygen and nutrients available for the area to injure, which helps quicken the body’s recovery process. Although, heat can work well for healing purposes but remember to not apply heat if there is inflammation. If inflammation is present then the ice would be the better option.

Strengthening exercises

Strengthening exercises often turn out to be very beneficial for people who have been injured in a car collision. They help you regain your body strength, improve flexibility, as well as reduce the severity of the pain. Even though your body does need rest and it’s important for the healing process, you also need to move and exercise to quicken the recovery process. Staying in bed for a long period of time is not always the solution when it comes to recovering from a car accident injury. The right form of movement and exercise gets your blood pumping and gets more oxygen and nutrients to the area of injury.

That said, strengthening exercises may also help with vulnerable ligaments, muscles, and tendons, which protect and strengthen structure throughout your body.

Traction therapy

As we mentioned earlier, whiplash is one of the common injuries that people who have been in a car accident face. Traction therapy can be a great treatment option for whiplash and other injuries. It helps you by giving relief from the pain and reverse the damage done to your spine and other body parts through stretching exercises and straightening movements. Traction therapy functions by manually building some space between the vertebrae, it then relieves compression and strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself. Hence, traction therapy is another rehabilitation practice that can help you recover after a car accident.

Healthy diet

There are a lot of factors that affect how fast and how well rehabilitation exercises work on you to recover from auto accident injuries. One of these crucial factors that can have a big impact on your recovery rate is your diet. When your body is healing and recovering from the injuries and trauma of the accident, you particularly need nutrients and fuel to enable your body.

Hence, make sure to consult your doctor about the recommended diet for you during the recovery period. A medical professional will consider your condition, medical history, and lifestyle to come up with the right and balanced diet plan for you. Remember your body needs strength to practice the rehabilitation exercises and what you eat also affects how you feel.

Professional counseling

Complete recovery after a car accident not only includes getting back to the physical shape you were in before this accident but it also involves your mental health and how you are coping with this event. Whether you like it or not your mental health affects how your body reacts to the rehabilitation exercises and treatments. Hence to get back to your old self before the accident physically and mentally, it is a good idea to take counseling.

There are many ways you can do this. Whether you decide to talk to a family member or friend or you consult a professional, make sure get the help you need to move beyond this particular event of your life.

The final thought

Fortunately, today there are professionals easily accessible that can guide you through your recovery journey after a car accident. Depending from case to case a car accident can really affect your life physically and mentally. A lot of people never focus on how the incident affects their mental health. Often people find it difficult to go back on road after an accident. Hence, it is extremely necessary to address all that you need to completely recover because more often than not all these aspects are interconnected. This list of rehabilitation exercises can help you in this journey to a full recovery.

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