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Gutenberg WordPress Editor: 7 Things you need to know about Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Gutenberg is the new editor in WordPress bundled with WordPress 5.0 and above versions. The new editor is more than just an article editor, like its predecessor, a page builder to be precise.

Gutenberg uses blocks to build article pages and full webpage layouts. The main aim of this editor is to make the process of building a webpage simpler, more efficient, and user friendly.

Did you know that 35% of the internet runs on WordPress?

Few things you need to know about Gutenberg WordPress Editor

1: Perfect Visual Editor

While developing a website by Brainvire, the layout of the webpage changes constantly. This is a tedious task and it requires some experimenting. The editor saves the changes and previews them on the actual website.

Gutenberg (WYSIWYG) Editing interface allows users to check out the layout of the website without saving the changes first. This way, distraction-free development takes place and at a much faster pace. Gutenberg is the perfect Visual editor that provides cleaner and efficient ways to develop a webpage.

2: New Block Pattern can build entire pages

Gutenberg editor comes with a block pattern feature that allows users to use predefined block layouts. This allows a user to create complex, yet simple themes pretty easily.

Users clock on the ‘+’ sign on the upper left corner and use either ‘Blocks’ or ‘Patterns’. Predefined blocks or patterns create similar looking elements or pages. This makes the process of building a page easier and more intuitive.

There are a lot of pre-build block patterns in WordPress 5.5 and third-party plugins build a lot of block patterns.

Currently, Gutenberg has over 19  million active installs.

3: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts separate pros from noobs. Gutenberg has a bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts. These come in pretty handy and make the workflow much more efficient.

Pressing the ‘/’ key and then typing to match the entry with a block to add it involves the keyboard shortcuts. If the matching entry for a block is unknown, pressing the 3 dots on the top-right corner opens the keyboard shortcuts menu with all shortcuts there.

4: Can Disable it (for now)

Gutenberg is the default editor for WordPress 5.0 and higher. However, it is still possible to use the classic editor by downloading it as a plugin. This allows users, who are used to the old ways of WordPress, to edit content in the classic editor.

The Gutenberg editor has an option to be disabled for now, but that option won’t stay for long. WordPress plans to make the Gutenberg editor its permanent editor.

5: Very well thought out Copy and Paste Options

In the classic editor, it was not possible to copy content from an external source, like Google Docs, without losing its formatting. This made the workflow in-efficient and increased the publishing time.

Gutenberg editor solves this issue by allowing users to copy and paste content from any source while retaining its formatting.

WordPress has over 70 million posts every month and Gutenberg is likely to take over the creation of all of them.

6: WordPress Plugin

Use Gutenberg without worrying about having the older versions of WordPress. The older versions of WordPress, like the v4.9, are also compatible with Gutenberg because it is available as the WordPress Plugin in the depository. Another great thing about the editor is that it updates automatically every week, adding new features for the users to enjoy and improve the experience.

Downloading the Gutenberg plugin without disturbing the main functionality of the website is possible.

7: More in Editing

The most amazing and exciting feature of the new Gutenberg editor is the collaborative editing feature. This feature allows users to work on different blocks on the same webpage at the same time. This reduces development time considerably and also makes the collaborative workflow much more efficient. Isn’t this great?

With collaborative filtering, teams can work on a single webpage and create one in a matter of hours. Collaborative Editing is a feature to look forward to in the future.


Gutenberg is the default editor for the newer version of WordPress. So, getting familiar with it is paramount. And the improvements in the workflow that Gutenberg provides, make it irresistible.

Gutenberg Editor is constantly evolving and improving with time. This editor has a learning curve to it and that’s why some users are avoiding it. But make no mistake, this doesn’t change the fact that Gutenberg is the future of WordPress editors. With further improvements it is going to be one of the best.

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