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7 Unhealthy Foods That Are Dangerous But You Still Eat Them

Nutrition is one of the cornerstones that we have to stumble upon all the time. We cannot survive without food. But on the other hand, the food that we crave can become the source of many disorders in the body’s functioning and even lead to severe diseases. It happens because these are unhealthy foods that harm our health and pollutes our bodies.

Why Are Most Foods In Stores Unhealthy?

This problem acquired particular relevance in the industrial era. In this time, mankind moved away from food production, leaving it at the mercy of food industry enterprises. This, in turn, led to the introduction of all kinds of additives into ready-made food and surrogates. But they have a detrimental effect on our health. It is no longer possible to control the process of creating products.

We can only rely on our knowledge in the field of physiology and biochemistry. And also, try to exclude semi-finished products and prepared food from the diet. Instead, we can opt for pure ingredients that can be used to prepare food at home. But what if we have no option other than from eating outside? And are all-natural products healthy?

The answer is controversial, as is the question. To understand it, you need to understand what products contribute to the body’s slagging and lead to malfunctions in its work. Let’s pay attention to some of them that are usually present in the diet of most people.

Unhealthy Foods That Are Polluting Your Body

1- Packaged Juices

Though the advertisements show that they made juice from fruits that belong to a healthy range of products, but in reality, everything is not so simple. To ensure long-term storage, juices get pasteurized, heat, and other types of processing.

As a result, harmful substances get mixed and diluted. After that, they go for packaging. Of course, some juices are healthy. But most manufacturers add citric acid to add flavor and sugar, which stimulates weight gain.

2- Bakery Products

The flour of the highest grade looks attractive, and from the outside, it seems to be a pure product in all respects. After all, it is made from wheat (or any other) grain. In fact, this is far from the case. During its preparation, the most valuable part of the grain from the point of view of vitamins and microelements, the germ and the shell, get removed.

There remains a dummy that does not contain nutrients but is rich in simple carbohydrates. Remember, the excess of carbohydrates can negatively affect the digestive process. Therefore, refrain from eating bakery products; these are not healthy as you might perceive.

3- Wine

Many perceive red wine to be healthy and made it a part of their life. However, in the composition of red wine, there is ethanol as well. Excess drinking of wine can cause severe health problems; addiction is one of them. Due to dependency on it, a person can have seizures, blackouts, diarrhea, and vomiting.

You have to recover from it if you want to live a longer life. There are many specialized treatment facilities for addicts that can help you become sober and spend a healthy life.

4- Potatoes

Many people love potato dishes. Moreover, these dishes are simple and easy to make. But its consumption, especially in the fried form in combination with excess fat, is a real bomb for the body. The fact is that potatoes contain a considerable amount of starch, due to which unwanted mucus can accumulate on the intestinal walls. It then inhibits the natural cleansing of the intestine.

Therefore, healthy potatoes are young potatoes that are rich in fiber and vitamins. But if you use them to make French fries and eat them with ketchup, you are definitely spoiling your health. Eating young potatoes will not harm your body, but when consumed excessively, it can damage your well-being.

5- Red Meat

Meat is an essential source of protein for building body tissues. Moreover, it contains essential amino acids that do not get synthesized by the body on their own. However, overuse of red meat can have consequences. Indeed, in the process of digestion, substances get formed that have a carcinogenic effect.

This effect only gets enhanced by the consumption of fried meat. Therefore, it is better to give preference to white chicken or fish; and eat pork and beef occasionally. Although these products are not so harmful but do not eat beef regularly. If you are a meat-eater, you can have lean meat regularly. It will not harm your health.

6- Low-Fat Dairy Products

On the shelves, they get positioned as dietary ones. But if zero fat is written in large letters, then you read the line about carbohydrates very carefully. To compensate for the loss of taste due to the defatting of the product, the manufacturer generously supplies it with carbohydrates.

It is in the form of sucrose, as well as various preservatives and dyes. This contributes to the clogging of the body. Therefore, it is not safe to eat or drink such products, and it is better to exclude them from your diet.

7- Margarine And Spreads

This cheaper analog of vegetable oil carries a tremendous potential health hazard since it contains Trans fatty acids. Through regular consumption, they can cause diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic disorders in the body. Many people eat them with white bread, which makes it even unhealthier.

8- Refined Vegetable Oils

Commercially made oils, especially corn or soybean oils, are high in saturated fats known as omega-6s. In excess, they can provoke diseases of an inflammatory nature, vascular disorders, and even cancer problems. It is better to use essential or natural oils for cooking your foods healthily.


Your well-being lies in your hands and in your decisions. If you would refrain from consuming harmful products mentioned in this article, you will stay healthier and live longer. But if you don’t, you will have to face several serious health consequences.

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