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7 ways to deal with an intoxicated person

You might have come across numerous alcoholic or drug addicts in your surrounding who are destroying their lives because of depression or any frustration. They have been into this abuse for so many years and might be they don’t find any right person who can take them out from this hell. Here we are going to share some ideas which are easy for anyone to convince alcoholic to leave this and move forward. You can offer them various choices for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Have a look

Break the communication barrier

An intoxicated person always faces the communication barrier, and he finds himself so lonely. It’s essential to fill the communication gap and talk. Engage with them and ask about their priorities. What do they want to do in life? Why have they brought themselves into this darkness? Explore them by asking simple and easier questions first. Don’t indulge them into complicated questions because it may suffocate them. Make them calm and relaxed by showing genuine concerns for their healthy life.

Don’t let them feel ashamed for this

Everyone who is caught up in this abuse is because of devastating reason, and definitely, this would be frustration or depression. Don’t let him feel ashamed for this. You can show them your anger, but don’t be so rude. Let him know about your concerns for alcohol and how overdrinking would damage their body and brain. They won’t be able to do anything for a well-settled life in future. Whatever they do wrong with their selves their loved ones, friends and family members will pay for it. Get up and have some courage to face the good side of life and this won’t be possible if they are don’t determined to get rid of this.

Suggest some good rehabilitation programs

There are so many top-rated rehab centres working day and night for the betterment of people. You can suggest them good rehab programs which show the bright side of life. They also offer outpatient and inpatient facilities as per the requirement of the patient. Choose whatever facility you want. They offer 120-180 days long term rehabilitation programs for the betterment of drug addicts. Make sure they get enrolled in these programs as soon as possible and don’t play with their lives further.

Advise him to spend time in exercise and meditation

Alcoholic needs to spend quality time in exercise and meditation to divert their attention. Walk and exercise reduce anxiety and de-stress the alcoholic. If you can take him with you daily for a walk, then do it must. It would give some motivation to them for not being alone, and someone is showing concern for the betterment of their life. They can hit the gym as well for a healthy lifestyle. They will be able to interact with new people and can quickly terminate toxic people from their lives.

Ask to build new relations

Alcoholic need to build new relations for moving on in their lives, so it’s essential to communicate with new people and make new relations. They don’t need to patch up with old links who have messed up their lives already. Please choose the right people who support every decision and must be with them in getting rid of this abuse. Make good friends where intoxicated people can breathe and enjoy new phase of their life.

Share creative ideas 

You need to share creative ideas with them so they can get to know about what else they can do rather than indulging their selves in this abuse. They can opt so many creative things, including gardening, painting, graphic designing, and whatever give them comfort must go for that. Creativity will increase their learning ability and memory that was got affected because of the overtake of alcohol and drugs. Could you encourage them to do something creative?

Explain detailed negative impacts of drugs

It’s important to make them realize by telling in detail how excessive usage of drugs can leave a negative impact on the body. Please don’t waste your life in this abuse and let him know how he is doing wrong with themselves. Take the alcoholic person to doctor for complete diagnosis so he can get to know in detail how much devastated his position is. It’s not the only way to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and other traumas to get yourself indulged into alcohol or other drugs. Make him calm and show your concerns so he can realize what he did to himself or loved ones.

What to do if an alcoholic refuses for going to rehab?

If you have done all the possible changes to convince alcoholic for going to rehab, then what to do next? He might have given so many chances, and now this is it. Family need to stop his support first and then call higher authorities to take legal action. It has been seen alcoholism is treated at home and never go for outpatient services because it is not going to be fruitful.

What suits most inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehabs have a higher success rate as compare to outpatient rehab. Inpatient is more expensive, and outpatient is affordable because the patient stays at home and goes daily for the treatment. The inpatient rehab program is based on 3 months to six months program, and outpatient rehab goes to 3 months for over a year program. For serious addiction, inpatient rehab is designed, and for mild addiction, outpatient rehab is a good one.

These are the few ideas that we have mentioned here in this blog to help out the intoxicated person. Excessiveness of drugs will ruin you and your loved ones at the same time. Don’t play with your life and take out yourself from this darkness. Bright ideas are awaiting for you take the one step ahead, and your loved ones will be with you. They will motivate and show you the right path, which gives you the best feeling.

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