7-Ways To Style Light Weight Jewellery this Festive Season

7-Ways To Style Light Weight Jewelry this Festive Season

Can you imagine your ethnic look without jewelry? It is obviously no, and you definitely require a bit of jewelry and some other accessories that will give a complete look. Different pieces of jewelry and sparkling ornaments will give the wearer a breathtaking appeal.

They can be light in weight or heavy depending upon the items used to decorate it. It can be jewelry made of expensive metals or you can also match some artificial jewelry with your festive attire.

The jewelry is light in weight and can be studded with diamonds or other colorful stones that makes it look super attractive and dazzling. There are a number of ways in which you can flaunt your jewelry correctly.

Ways to Style the Jewelry

Here are some of the ways in which you can style your lightweight jewelry perfectly. You don’t need to bother more. Just choose the things properly. Shop here for a collection of jewelry that is eligible to provide a drastic appeal.

  1. Pick Some Gold

The perfect one is to choose some shimmery and dazzling gold jewelry that may be plain or studded with diamonds and pearls which make it look even more interesting and minimalistic.

Gold is considered to be one of the most favorite and a ritual metal among both men and women. The jewelry made from gold is delicate and it can be paired with your ethnic clothes and your western clothes as well.

Just a thin chain with a pendant in the neck and a thin bracelet that will complete the western as well as traditional look.

  1. Diamonds are always Perfect

If you are not much into gold then you can prefer dazzling and shiny diamonds that give you an impressive appearance while wearing.

A diamond ring and a diamond earring paired with jeans and t-shirt or kurti and bottom makes a glorifying match. Different shaped diamonds are studded in different metals that mostly include gold and platinum which look absolutely stunning with diamond.

You will get ravishing Indian bridal jewellery sets wholesale at online stores but for a casual look you just need to add limited ornaments.

  1. Just a pair of Earrings

Do you know which is the main accessory that suits each and every outfit and helps you make a significant presence? It’s none other than a pair of earrings. Either you pair a small stud earring, opt for a big hoop or a chandelier, or Francesca Jewellery’s pearl drop earrings will definitely make a difference.

Your outfit is incomplete without earrings therefore you should make sure that you choose the most appropriate one depending upon the type of cloth that you wear. The simple and plain ones look adoring with western outfits and the intricate designer ones with the traditional clothes.

  1. A Chain in the Neck

While wearing a deep neck top, or a fancy neck kurti you should add a thin chain with a pretty pendant that will be light and sturdy yet adoring to look at. You are my sunshine necklace is an excellent option that goes well with all dresses.

A double-layered fancy chain with a small round pendant or a round diamond in the front looks super adoring.

Other than that you can opt for a choker necklace or long rani haar that will be complimentary to pair with your ethics and traditionals. A pair of matching earrings and also a beautiful ring will complete the overall appeal and give you a fashionista look.

  1. Some Oxidized Jewelry

Rather than the gold and platinum jewellery, the artificial oxidized silver jewellery studded with different coloured stones and crystals are one of the most loved jewelry due to their surprising designs and flawless patterns.

This festive season you can add some oxidized jewellery that may include a long neckpiece, a pair of pretty earrings and beautiful bracelets or bangles that gives a sophisticated festive look.

For newlyweds there are some options of Indian bridal jewellery sets wholesale with the price offered by some online stores that make the best match.

  1. Pearls Match Everywhere

If neither diamond nor crystals then go for the white sparkling pearls. A beautiful pearl in droplet shape or the basic round one, you can add anyone with your white dress or your white gown that will give you an enormous festive look.

The pearls are found in pure white, cream white and pastel pink colour from which you get the option to choose the adequate one.

Pearls are light in weight and look amazing with gold and also platinum. As every woman is choosy regarding the jewellery, even you should choose the one wisely.

  1. Jewelry and Clothes both are Important

While choosing the jewelry you need to match a perfect attire with it and while choosing an outfit, you need to match proper jewelry with it. In short the thing is that both of them should make a perfect match with each other.

A set of gold jewelry including an elegant pair of earrings, a simple necklace and a matching ring can complete your overall festive look.

Gold jewellery suits best with salwar suits and sarees so this festive season gets a diva look by wearing something gorgeous and pairing fabulous ornaments with it.

So this festive season matches what is perfect for your dress and also matches properly with the designs and patterns.

If you are a bride then you can choose a beautiful south Indian bridal jewellery sets wholesale and pair it with a glamorous silk saree that will look just super best. Add a matching pair of shoes and go for some attractive hairdos.

To complete the entire look try smoky eyes and a shiny lip gloss that will add more glamour to your overall look.

Gold is one of the most favourite and a ritual metal among both men and women. The jewelry made from gold is delicate and it can be paired with your ethnic clothes and your western clothes as well. Check out OD’s Jewellers to find your favourite gold piece.

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