Best Bokeh Video Editors Choices
Best Bokeh Video Editors Choices

8 Best Bokeh Video Editors Choices for PC and Laptops

Making videos bokeh museum can be done on any device. For example, there are 10 applications that can make it easier for you to make bokeh videos on an Android device. If you prefer to edit videos using a laptop or computer, there are also various PC video editor applications for you to try.

More and more people nowadays need video editor software for pc. In fact, it’s not just YouTubers who need this software. You can also use one or more pc video editor software to make videos that are interesting and different from the others.

Various Video Editors to Make Quality Videos

One of the effects that can make videos look more attractive and professional is the bokeh or blur effect. With the help of video editor software, creating a bokeh effect is certainly very easy. Here is a line of software that will help you get videos with the best bokeh effect.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Talking about professional video editors, it’s strange that this software doesn’t occupy the top position. Adobe Premiere Pro is the best choice and is still used by many editors to create videos with captivating and stunning quality.

Unfortunately, to get the features of this software, users must pay first. You can try the free trial version to try editing your video. This software comes with a blur camera effect to give a bokeh effect to the video you are editing.

Apart from the blur effect, Adobe Premiere Pro also has other features that are very complete for editing event videos such as music videos, profile videos, wedding videos, and all other types of videos in a professional manner. You can start considering event video editing services by using this software.

  • Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is the flagship software for creating quality videos and music. One of the advantages of this software is that it is very easy to use, even though the main target audience is professionals. Take it easy, beginners can also use this editor.

This software is a serious competitor to Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. No wonder this bokeh video editor software comes with extraordinary features. Although designed for use by professionals, Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a piece of software that beginners will be comfortable using.

There is a timeline that comes with a simple appearance. The display is divided into sound and video. You can stack multiple audio and video directly on different tracks. Isn’t that interesting?

  • Corel Video Studio X7

Corel is well known for its various software which are also used by professionals. But that doesn’t mean this software can’t be used by those who are new to video editing. One of Corel’s products is Video Studio X7 which is the perfect product for those who are still learning.

Corel Video Studio X7 is equipped with an effect called a blur sensor that you can use to create videos with bokeh effects on your computer. Feel free to learn to edit videos like a pro by making use of Corel Video Studio X7.

  • AVS Video Editor

Another option that you can try is AVS Video Editor, a video editor that comes with an interactive display, full features, and an interface that is very easy to use. This software has a size that is not too large so it is suitable for use on a PC with low specs.

Even though the size of the AVS Video Editor is not that big, this software is already equipped with features that can be compared to its competitors. Another advantage of this software is that you can get it for free. In addition, there is also a video cache technology to streamline Full HD video editing.

The timeline options on this video editor separate editing audio, video, text, and effects. You can add various effects to the video that you edit, including the addition of a blur or bokeh effect.

  • EaseUs Video Editor

Blur or blur the parts of the video that you don’t like can be done easily and quickly by using this one bokeh video software. EaseUs Video Editor is also an easy-to-use software and complete editing features.

With just a few steps you can apply a bokeh or blur effect to the video that you have taken. This application is really practical both for professionals and for beginners. EaseUs Video Editor can be used on PCs with OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10.

  • CyberLink PowerDirector

Another software that you can choose to make videos with bokeh effects using a PC is CyberLink PowerDirector which allows you to create professional-grade videos by covering the wrong part with a bokeh or blur effect.

The advantages of this software include being able to render and save edited videos with fast speed, 360 degrees of editing options, a variety of complete editing features. Unfortunately, there are some features that may be confusing for beginners.

CyberLink PowerDirector can be installed and used on Windows computers but is not designed for use on Mac computers.

  • iMovie

This one software is really simple but very effective for editing videos. iMovie requires some video editing skills, but that doesn’t mean only professionals can use it. To apply a blur effect, even beginners can use iMovie.

The advantages that iMovie brings is a fast and simple rendering process in editing short videos, very good for beginners who are just learning to edit videos, as well as a variety of editing features that are effective to use.

Unfortunately, the free version of this software is only available for a limited period of time with the paid version which is quite expensive. Another weakness that iMovie has is that this software is only designed for computers and laptops with Mac operating systems.

  • Online Video Editor

If you don’t want to download an editor for editing videos, you can consider various online video editors that you can use to give your videos a bokeh or blur effect, for example Hippo Video or Kap Wings Studio.

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These online video editors don’t need to be downloaded and installed on your computer so they won’t take up any storage space on your PC. Online video editors are also faster and more effective. Unfortunately, they also have various weaknesses.

One of the drawbacks is that the video editing features are incomplete and the video editor is less quality than the previous software.

If using a bokeh video editor software on your PC seems too complicated for you, consider using a video editor designed for Android and iOS smartphones. Apart from their simpler appearance, video editors for smartphones are usually much easier to use.

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