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8 Things that Dog Owners Find the Most Difficult When Living with a Dog

We asked dog owners from all over the world to answer this question: “What do you find the most difficult when living with a dog?”. They provided some very different answers. However, we compiled a list with the 8 most-recurring answers from the lot. This information could be useful and interesting for people who are thinking about getting a pet dog. So, without any further ado, here are those 8 things.

They can’t be left alone for too long (41%)

Just over 41% of the respondents said that the most difficult thing is that a dog can’t be left alone for too long. Living with a dog does significantly reduce the number of opportunities to travel, party and go out. Even though you can fly and travel with your dog to almost any part of the world, it’s hard to take them on a bike trip, hiking or if you’re into any kind of water sports. If your dog stays alone for too long, they become anxious, angry and panic, causing destruction around the house.

Grooming (20%)

Next up and the most bothersome thing for exactly one in five dog owners is grooming. Well, to be fair, a person living with a Weimaraner, a Bulldog or a Pug might have a completely different outlook on grooming rather than someone who has a Collie, a Sheep Dog or the Commodore. However, hair brushing and cutting is just one side of the story. There is actually a lot more that goes on beneath the surface. For example, a lot of the respondents referred to brushing and bathing or washing with water as difficult jobs. However, a lot of them also mentioned the fact that after getting better equipment for the job, for example a pet nail grinder with a light, that grooming tasks got easier for them.

Training (10%)

A smaller part and one-tenth of the owners described that training is the most difficult part. Yes, in reality training can take much longer than you have read in magazines or online forums. Every dog is different and every single one responds differently to various stimuli, measures and methods. Finding that silver lining could take a lot longer than you have initially expected which is frustrating, of course. However, the only thing you can do is remain patient, use positive reinforcement and find programmes or methods that your pooch responds to best.

High-levels of physical activity that are necessary (8%)

This issue can be annoying but someone who wishes to sit at home all day shouldn’t seek to get a Greyhound or a Dalmatian. Some dogs need at least an hour of physical activity every day. Speaking about such dogs, others do need special exercises to stay in peak shape. This is time and energy-consuming but it is all worth it. This problem can be avoided if you pick a dog which is suitable to your current lifestyle. If you don’t need to make too many changes to your daily routine, this is something that you shouldn’t worry too much about.

Difficult character (7%)

If it were a poll on cats, we reckon that this particular issue could be a lot higher on our list. But, since this poll is about dogs, problems with character aren’t so often and widespread. Nonetheless, 7% of the owners indicated that the dog’s difficult character caused them the most trouble. Most of the time they said that dogs refused to follow commands or wouldn’t respond to polite and sensible communication. At the same time, they would be very reluctant to obey to harsh or strict commands. Our advice for future pet parents is that you need to persevere and do your best to implement responses to positive reinforcement. Don’t let the dog dominate but don’t also let them feel neglected or ignored.

Cost (6%)

Around 6% of respondents said that the most difficult thing is being able to handle such a responsibility financially. Unfortunately, if your dog is ill or has some health issues, you might need to spend a lot of money in order to supply them with food and medicaments needed for treatment. Costs also add up once the dog becomes really old as well. But if your dog has decent health and isn’t bothered by medical conditions, yes, it’s a financial responsibility, nonetheless it’s far less than what you spend on yourself. You will find a supreme dog hoodie to be much cheaper than the one that you get for yourself. Everything for pets is accessible these days so you shouldn’t have an issue finding help if needed.

Uncontrollable, aggressive behaviour (5%)

This difficulty stems from the early days of infancy of the dog. Most people who chose this point and indicated uncontrollable aggressive behaviour as their main issue, live with dog breeds that can be aggressive by nature. Dobermans, Pit bulls, Rottweilers and similar dogs are born fighters and very capable physically. However, if they are well-raised from their early days, they remain protective and strong but their character is more so of a gentle giant. But if the dog is neglected, locked in a cage and not given proper attention and training, he or she can become an aggressive, hard-to-control one.

Barking (3%)

Finally, only 3% owners selected that barking is the thing that’s hardest to deal with from the lot. We can pretty surely state that this likely troubles people who live in apartments. Yes, some breeds bark more than others but you can control it for the most part.

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