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9 Extra Home Inspections Cobb buyers should consider

Getting a general home inspection in Cobb is a common step when buying a house. While it gives a general overview of the house, it has its limitations. Some areas aren’t covered or not covered in enough depth. Therefore, Cobb buyers need other types of inspection to have an all-inclusive insight on the condition of the house. These may seem like an extra expense, but they can actually save buyers money over time.

  1. Oil tank inspection: This inspection checks the underground heating oil tanks to see if they pose any risk to the inhabitants of the house or the soil or violate the local law somehow.
  2. Sewer inspection: Checking the sewer system is necessary, especially for houses older than 20 years. This inspection looks for faulty or damaged pipes using a plumbing snake with an attached camera. 
  1. HVAC inspection: This inspection is mandatory if the general inspection finds fault with the HVAC system. An inspector looks for the cause of the functional issues of the system and suggests repairs for the same. 
  1. Lead-based paint test: Lead was present in paint in homes built before 1978, which can harm children and adults alike. Therefore, it is good practice to check the old paint to ensure your house is safe. 
  1. Pest inspection: Humidity is high in Georgia. The higher the humidity, the higher the chances of pest infestation. Therefore, Cobb buyers should get pest and termite inspections to ensure there is no infestation in their new homes. 
  1. Pool inspection: Pool inspection is necessary if the house has a pool. An inspector checks if the pool is open and functional and gives buyers an idea of what to expect in the future. 
  1. Roof inspection: This inspection type checks the longevity of the roof, giving buyers an idea about the years left on the roofing material and the expected repairs. 
  1. Foundation inspection: If the general inspection found cracks in the foundation, it is best to get this inspection to understand if there is any major or minor foundational problem in the house.
  1. Radon inspection: Radon gas is a major problem in Georgia. Therefore, a radon inspection, which checks radon gas levels in the house, is a necessary step before buying and moving into a new house.


While general home inspections give buyers an idea about a house and what they can expect from it in the future, it lacks certain aspects. Extra inspections like radon test, pest inspection, roof inspection, and foundation inspection help Cobb buyers get an in-depth analysis of the key areas of the house and save their money over time.

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