9 Fitness Tips To Keep You In Shape

It’s a common misconception that being in shape requires an expensive gym membership and a strict diet. But what if you could be a dedicated and motivated exerciser without spending hours working out at the gym or eating excessive amounts of healthy food? These nine fitness tips can help you keep fit, apart from being an affordable alternative to other lifestyles.

  1. Get inspiration and motivation by watching inspirational people on YouTube and other streaming platforms.
  2. Head to your nearest park for a walk or run—get your body moving with long bouts of exercise rather than short bursts of intense activity through interval training and learn tips on preventing running injuries which is common in newbies.
  3. Use the right footwear as shoes with good shock absorption properties will help protect your joints and ensure you don’t slip when running.
  4. Wear fitness bracelets or fitness wristbands to track your fitness levels by counting your steps, calorific burn and heart rate increases over time. This will also provide you the ability to see your fitness gains by comparing your new reading with your old ones.
  5. Develop and follow a regular exercise routine to get your body used to the pain that comes with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Start off by doing just one set of the most challenging exercises that you can do, but build up to two, three or four sets of exercise.
  6. When you’re out jogging or working out at the gym, keep your mind in shape by carrying on a light and interesting conversation so that it doesn’t turn into free-floating thoughts, which is a common thing when you’re giving your full attention to an activity. Keep in mind
  7. Avoid injuries by learning how to properly stretch, and don’t overdo it. Stretching will help you maintain flexibility, which is important in topics such as sports and physical fitness.
  8. To stay motivated, make sure to have a plan for each session you do. This will make sure that you are constantly pushing yourself to go beyond your limits and achieve your desired results. Sites such as Warrior Fit Performance have a variety of free workout plans for all levels, so you can get a plan to fit your needs.
  9. Remember that working out is as much about taking care of your body as it is about looking after it—don’t skip meals or drink a lot of sugary beverages, because this may make you lose the will to exercise and eventually set bad eating habits.

Food intake is important if you choose to work out, but there are ways to eat healthily while exercising meaning that you can still preserve your energy levels to continue exercising in the evening or during weekends.


These nine basic exercises can improve your physical and mental health. The key is consistency and to stick to the process every day. You will  feel more confident and energetic in just a few weeks. Be sure to start slowly and progressively increase your exercise stamina if you want to avoid injury.

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