9 Games That Change Your Mind and Break Barriers

Researchers now have solid evidence through a decade of exploration that games can change minds and break mental barriers. They believe that just like humans, games can also become a way of teaching children to learn better and improve their daily activities.

Especially, differently-abled children can benefit from learning and math games. Instead of teachers actively helping them understand the world, these games can help them do the same and that too more actively.

Here are a few games that can help your children develop better mental abilities. Let’s learn about each one of them in detail.


Minecraft is a simple learning game that’s played with building blocks. Children can play this game solo or with their peers. The game is a simple activity where children can experience the open world and give liberty to their creativity.

Minecraft also offers multiple challenges to children with special needs through different levels and scenarios. They can create their own world and design it as per their wishes.


Roblox is a promising game for helping children develop social, mental, and leading skills. Roblox also allows users to program their own games. So, parents can program levels that they think will help their children. In fact, many websites exist where people can buy Roblox levels that can work with the existing game setup.


You must have been surprised at the mention of CS GO in this list. Most people match CS GO, a first-person shooter game, to bad behavior and violence. However, that is simply not true. Researches have shown time, and again that games like CS Go are actually better for children who are prone to violence. These games allow the children to focus on building their concentration and taking out their aggression in a positive manner.

Crazy Taxi

Similar to CS GO, Crazy Taxi is another game that is often dubbed as violence creator. For those of you who don’t know about Crazy Taxi, it is a simple car racing game in which you have to pick up rides and get them from point A to point B within the designated time. If you miss the rides, then you will lose points. Crazy Taxi is an old game and can be downloaded directly to the desktop system.

Its alternatives are now available on smartphones. It helps children balance between time trials and tasks.

Learning & Mental Capacity Games

We have discussed some games that help children reduce aggression, increase concentration, creativity, and develop social skills. Now, it is time to discuss games that directly impact their STEM learning.

Quick Math

Want to help your children grow their math talent? The Quick Math game can help them become math whiz. It offers simple levels that children can complete to improve mental health. You can download the Quick Math game from Unlimited Gamez mo. It can be played at any time of your choice.

The reason I personally like this game is that it has many levels that children can use to improve their learning abilities.

Code Spark Academy

Coding is a new way of learning. Children who know how to code can create many applications and software for themselves. That’s why even Bill Gates has recommended coding and STEM education for children.

However, since not all schools have coding inducted in their curriculum, one way of learning to code better is with Code Spark Academy. The academy lets you create your own curriculum and stay with it. With the code spark academy, your children can start with basic languages and go all the way to learning PHP, Python, and other more efficient programming languages.

Khan Academy Games

If you are unaware of Khan Academy, it is a portal where anyone who is not in school can develop the basic learning capabilities till grade 12. They can then directly enroll in a college or university. Khan Academy has also introduced a gaming section where children can learn and improve their skills in their spare time. The games’ application can be downloaded on your Android or iPhone. It is perfect for children from the age of 5 to 13. The gaming app focuses on everything, be it math, science, coding, arts, or puzzles.

Intellijoy Educational Games for Kids

Next, we have the whole curriculum for children in the shape of an Android app. Children who are likely to get homeschooling can opt for the Intellijoy Educational Games. It is a complete curriculum designed for children. The curriculum is designed in a way that it works side by side with the actual school curriculum.

So, even when children are not studying, they are learning through activities that can help them progress faster than their peers. The Intellijoy Educational Games is designed by researchers and is approved by many schools as a way for their students to improve the level of mental capacity.

Algorithm City

One game that is a must-install is the Algorithm city. It is designed for both children and adults to learn about algorithms in a fun and entertaining way. As the name suggests, the game is basically a puzzle that users have to complete to move to the next level. Algorithm city has been downloaded thousands of times and is a top-downloaded game on the play store.


This is just a small list of games that you can use for your children to improve their skills. Since every child is different, it requires a level of understanding to know which type of games will suit them best. If you are not sure what games your children should play, get a counseling session with your school psychologist as he/she will be better able to suggest you.

If we have missed out on any game that should be part of this list, let us know in the comments.

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