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A 6-Step Guide On What To Do In The Event You Are Involved In A Car Crash

Every day, thousands of car crashes are reported in which most result in only vehicle damages, whereas a few might become life-threatening if a wrong decision is made in these dire circumstances. In scenarios like these, there are ways you can follow to make sure you are taking the right steps accordingly. Following these steps not only keeps protecting your legal rights but also keeps your health and well-being a priority. Without further ado, let’s discuss our 6-step guide to handle a post-accident scene with efficiency and ease.

1.  Get Help

In case you ever get into an accident, the first thing to do is to move to safety. After the crash, analyze the situation, locate the passengers and the other driver involved in the accident. If anyone has encountered massive injuries, immediately call the ambulance to seek medical help. Remember to not relocate an injured person from the accident site because relocating them can easily worsen their injury. Even when you have succumbed to minor injuries, calling medical assistance is necessary as you never know about the internal injuries and concussions that might have occurred. Do call the police as they will collect relevant information, evidence, file the report, and even perform drug sobriety tests whenever they feel necessary. The report made by the police officials on the accident site contains vital information regarding the incident.

2.  Contact a Lawyer

In difficult times like these, it might not be possible for some of us to effectively carry out tasks like exchanging relevant contact information, collecting video evidence, and most importantly, contacting your insurance company to compensate for your loss. Brisbane is not new to these incidents, and if you are ever in these unfortunate encounters, there are experienced car accident lawyers you can rely on in Brisbane who suggest never delay rather contact the relevant authorities on time as leaving the accident site without reporting can weaken your case. Contacting a lawyer in these situations ensures that you get your rights protected, claim for personal injury, and pursue your lawsuit for financial compensation.

3.  Move To A Safe Location

If your vehicle is in working condition after the accident, try moving it to the side of the road; making way for incoming traffic is crucial to avoid any traffic disturbance. After relocating your vehicle, put it in parking mode, secure the handbrake, and turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers that there is an emergency. Exchanging information like address, phone number, and the driver’s name is also necessary so that it could be possible for both parties to contact each other.

4.  Gather Vital Information

Never leave the accident site unless you have gathered all the vital information that includes the driver’s name, address, phone number, vehicle registration number, make, model, and official driving license number. Provide the same information to the other driver and don’t try to argue or confront the driver in every way possible. Moreover, apologizing in this situation will not help because, at that time, you could be in an emotionally compromised state. Avoid saying sorry instantly, as anything you say at that time can be used against you later on in a lawsuit. You can also get the contact information of people nearby who have witnessed the accident and could recall the other driver’s actions.

5.  Take Photographs

After you are done calling the relevant authorities, try taking a few pictures and videos of the incident. Capture the damage dealt with the vehicle, the site of collision, and road conditions. Furthermore, take pictures from various angles to make sure the details you gather are clear. Make a picture in your mind of how the accident happened to take pictures accordingly. This documentation is necessary as this collected information can be presented in the court explaining your point.

6.  Claim For Financial Loss

If you ever get caught up in an accident where the damage dealt with the vehicle is beyond comprehension, calling your insurance company should be your priority. You can provide them with information which you have collected and ask them whether they can assist or not. Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to avoid most accident cases, try to delay the process, and provide you with partial relief. Whenever you feel like you are being faulted, contact your lawyer and let them know about the situation.

This was our 6-step guide that will help you in understanding the ways one can follow when involved in a Car Accident Lawyers Brisbane. Still, it is necessary to keep an eye on the road, drive responsibly, and protect yourself and others from harm’s way.

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