Cannabis at Dispensaries

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Cannabis at Dispensaries

Nearly 55 million Americans consume cannabis whether it’s for medicinal or recreational purposes.

One of the safest ways to buy cannabis is from a dispensary as budtenders guide you through the process and answer any questions. Perhaps you’re planning to buy cannabis but you’re not sure how dispensaries work.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you must know to buy cannabis, dispensaries.

Educate Yourself About Cannabis

Before you buy cannabis oil at a dispensary, it’s important to familiarize yourself with cannabis and its many products. Note that cannabis affects everyone differently because it depends on how your body processes active cannabinoids like THC.

Start with a small amount so you can enjoy the effects at your own pace. For instance, choose a strain that has less than 20% of THC or, if it’s edible, less than five milligrams. If you’re eager to buy weed for medicinal purposes then you can learn more here.

Consider Any Health Issues You Have

Cannabis doesn’t have any life-threatening side effects but is mindful if you have any respiratory conditions or suffer from anxiety.

Further, if you’ve got pre-existing medical issues then talk to your doctor. They will help you find the best way to consume cannabis or if you should completely avoid it. For instance, if you’ve got lung problems then your doctor or a budtender will suggest edibles instead.

Find a Reputable Licensed Dispensary

Not sure how to buy weed?

Then find a licensed dispensary in your area and consider their products, atmosphere, and customer service. Decide the type of product you want (e.g. cannabis oil) so you can see which dispensaries have the most variety. You should also check online reviews to see if they’re worth your time.

Bring a Valid Government-Issued ID

Before you learn how to buy cannabis oil, you must bring your ID and show it upon entering. This could be your driver’s license, passport, or any other legitimate ID. It sounds strict but it’s because state liquor control commissions oversee the cannabis industry so like with beer, you must prove you’re old enough.

You Must Pay in Cash

Another important rule is that you can only pay in cash. This is because cannabis isn’t legal on a federal level so dispensaries can’t process credit card payments. And although most places an ATM on-site, you will be charged ATM fees so plan ahead.

Anticipate a Short Waiting Period

Know that when you arrive at a dispensary, you’ll likely have to wait to be seen. Budtenders take pride in educating each customer so they’re comfortable purchasing so factor this in if you’re in a rush. It’s wise to avoid weekends and peak holiday hours so you’re not waiting for ages.

You’ll also notice that products are locked in glass display cases and while you can touch the packaging, you’re not allowed to open anything. This is because the cannabis products are sealed shut to ensure no one’s tampered with them.

On the labels, you’ll find the name of the strain, the cultivator, along with the price (including tax). This is useful because you can see the percentage of THC or CBD along with a detailed description of how the product will affect you.

Find a Trustworthy Budtender

Don’t feel overwhelmed reading the cannabis strain guide instead reach out to a budtender so they can help you.

Dispensary employees are knowledgeable about products and can make recommendations, useful if you’re a newbie. Tell budtenders why you want to buy cannabis and they will direct you to the right choice whether it’s to alleviate anxiety or relax you.

You shouldn’t be embarrassed about asking questions because everyone has a unique experience with cannabis so if you have any concerns, be sure to voice them.

See What’s on Offer

Although you’re not allowed to spark up a joint at the dispensary, it’s important to examine the bud you’re buying. Make sure the flowers are covered in white crystals as it shows they have a high trichome content, a sign of good-quality cannabis.

Be careful if the white substance looks dull because it could be powdery mildew which looks like baby powder.

Only buy an amount you’re comfortable with because dispensaries have a no-return policy. Be mindful about your purchases so if you’re trying edibles for the first time then buy single cookies or gummies instead of a giant pack you may hate.

If you’re buying cannabis flowers, aim for a gram as it’s enough for several bowls. This is also wise for tourists because you can’t take cannabis out of the state so decide what the best amount is for your current situation.

What to Do Once You Leave

Even though you’re in a state that’s legalized cannabis, it’s still not legal to consume it in public. Note that the dispensaries are also operating under strict regulation so have respect and don’t spark up by the entrance. Instead, find a discreet spot to enjoy your cannabis in.

That’s How to Buy Cannabis, Dispensaries

Hopefully, you now know how to buy cannabis, dispensaries.

Ask yourself what you want from cannabis whether it’s for recreation or medicinal purposes as it’ll guide you towards the perfect product. Remember to bring cash, your ID, and ask budtenders about each strain so you find the right one for you. Happy shopping!

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