A Complete Guide to Supporting Social Causes on Instagram as a Brand

With the increase in demand for social media, especially Instagram, brands have joined the force. Naturally so, as it makes them reach a larger audience from the tip of their fingers.

Instagram has the best base here. That is why brands here, are expected to not only sell their products through their platforms but also raise awareness for social causes as well.

Consumers, these days, look forward to spending their money on brands that work for a social cause. It is not just that, brands, as they have made a big name in the platform, should always acknowledge that and use their voice to raise awareness about any social concern they are attached with.

According to a study in 2019, 74% of customers want brands to stand up for any issue.

But, there is a catch here. As it is ultimately the game of numbers, brands with a certain number follower count will only be able to make a difference. Many legit providers like MegaFamous help these brands to increase their follower count organically.

Why Should Brands Support a Social Cause?

Social media has given people exposure like never before. So, in that midst, everybody sees both sides of a coin. There is always an issue or a cause that a group of people is more inclined to. If they see a particular brand of their choice also using the optimum of its platform to raise voice about the same, or anything relevant, brands find a loyal customer base.

Also, if a brand hammers into its audience the idea behind at least one single cause, it is a big deal and is duly appreciated.

But, taking care of the sensitivity of the topic one is getting into should also be of utmost necessity.

How Can Brands Support Social Causes on Instagram?

Below are the key ways in which a brand can support a social cause on Instagram and spread awareness about the same.

1.   Brands Should Always Be Wholeheartedly Supportive of the Idea They Are Rooting For

Now, the deal is supporting a social cause is gaining brands some engagement, especially from the people who value the cause.

So, if a brand sees this as a way of promotion for themselves, they will lack authenticity. That is why, if it acts for the betterment of the said cause, without being involved, there is no denying the fact that customers will get the sense. As there is no denying the fact that they have become more sincere and choosy by the day.

All in all, fooling the customers or the content consumers is not an option for the brands.

For example, let’s say LGBTQ is a trending topic in the present era. People are working hard, to educate the community about the same. In the meantime, if a brand hires models promoting LGBTQ, in short, it will sell.

But, if the same company demeans anyone from their team who belongs to the same community, it is not going to work in the long run.

2.   Brands Should Always Work for Real Change

As they say, “charity begins at home”. So, it is pivotal for brands to start that within themselves. If there is a cause, the brand is supporting, first of all, it should be practiced within the workspace as well.

Getting into the Instagram rush just because that will give numbers in return will be of no worth in the bigger picture.

So, it’s better to work for some real change. Brainstorming inside the team will also give out some great ideas.

Brands should at least start with volunteering work, before getting into the PR coverage thing.

If the brand can bring at least 2% of real change, its effect will grow exponentially.

The fact that if a brand is somewhat successful in supporting a cause, it will generate a loyal customer base is correct. But, that should be organic growth and it should not deviate from its grounds.

3.   Brands Should Communicate With the Audience About Their Actions

If a brand has stood up for a purpose and is using its voice and platform to raise awareness about the same, customers possess every right to know the in-house impact on the company for that.

We see brands coming upfront with new advertisements mentioning how they stand against some social norms that harm the masses.

Now, it is the responsibility of the brand to communicate with its audience about its plan of action. Brands should also acknowledge reviews, if any, coming their way and make requisite changes.

Also, brands must gain the trust of their customers that the positive impact of the cause is impacting the company as well and it is not just a mere promotion.

For example, brands that talk about environmental changes and use harmful products in their production process fail miserably in gaining the trust of the public. Also, fooling the public eye isn’t a cakewalk anymore, so companies are supposed to be very precise about their service.

4.   Brands Should Always Plan Ahead of Time

When the matter is related to any cause, owing to the sensitivity it should always be planned ahead of time. Strategies on how things will work considering everything around the social cause should be pre-planned.

There should always be an eye on how things will be projected in the long run and how the said brand and the cause will be connected.

Now, that’s another thing. If a brand takes up an issue, it should put its heart and soul to attach the betterment of the cause with the brand.

This cannot just be done with promotion. Brands should acknowledge and accept the change in itself and should also start volunteering to root for the issue at the ground level.

Interested audiences will get more engaged with the brands as the activities will increase, which will turn a profit for the brand itself.

Wrapping Up

While supporting a social cause is a great way to get more engagement for the brands, it is essential to understand that brands should only promote the cause that they wholeheartedly believe in.

Supporting a cause without actually practicing it can cause a great blow to the goodwill of the brands on Instagram.

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