Hiring a Commercial Electrician Brisbane

A Concise, But Complete, Guide to Hiring a Commercial Electrician Brisbane Has to Offer

As a business owner, you will have ongoing electrical needs that will come about at any time while your venture is operating. That is why it is important to have qualified electricians by your side to handle electrical installations, upgrades, and repairs when needed. However, the plethora of contractors out there claiming to be the best can make the task of finding the right team a bit difficult.

In this article, we will help you find a commercial electrician Brisbane has to offer that can efficiently perform electrical work for your business, from the simplest of tasks to the most complex ones.

What Qualifications Should a Commercial Electrician Have

Unlike a residential electrician, a commercial electrician should have completed more extensive education and licensing requirements. Generally speaking, they must complete some steps before they can practice their trade, such as:

  • Completing an apprenticeship programme for a certain period as required by the government.
  • Undergoing formal hands-on training under the supervision of a master electrician for a certain period of time.
  • Passing location-specific examinations to receive a licence and certificate.

After completing these steps, they are already qualified to offer their services or work for a licensed commercial electrical company. However, the licensing requirements for electricians might differ from one state to another, so it is recommended to do some research about this information.   

How Much Do Commercial Electrical Services Cost

The rates charged by a commercial electrician Brisbane and other cities in Australia have can vary by region. It can also depend on their experience and the work required.

Electricians’ rates may be based per hour or per project. On average, they may cost you between $30 and $300 per hour. Of course, simple tasks would cost less than complex ones.

Checklist for Hiring a Commercial Electrician

Making a call to any of the commercial electrical contractors in your area can be simple enough, but it does not guarantee that you are speaking with the best in the trade. Here are the most important things to look into when hiring a team of electricians for your business.

Licence and accreditation

Never hire an electrician who cannot present a licence or any form of accreditation document. In a way, these documents will give you assurance that they are professionally trained and qualified to perform electrical work for business establishments. Plus, having a licence means that the contractor has some knowledge of and is compliant with the safety standards required for their profession.   



Like other tradespeople, electricians also specialise in specific areas of the industry.

For example, an electrician would specialise in installing primary electrical systems for new projects, such as structure cabling, fire protection systems, and security systems. Another electrician would specialise in doing maintenance work, which means they prefer checking if your system is still up to speed and working safely and efficiently. Other electricians are also better at instrumentation, which involves testing, troubleshooting, and repairing large electrical systems and devices, such as environmental control installations and heating and ventilation equipment.

To get an idea of which type of electrician to hire, consider the type of systems you have and the potential electrical work they require.


A dependable commercial electrical team should have a good reputation with their previous and current clients. So, try asking those who have used the services of the company you are hiring to know the quality of their work and their approach to handling their needs.

Another way to know whether or not a contractor is the best one to hire is by reading reviews. You can check out reviews sites and forums dedicated to the trade and see what people are saying about the company. You can also visit the contractor’s site to find some customer testimonials.


Of course, the cost would be a concern when hiring a third party for your business. As for electricians, they should offer fair pricing.

During your assessment, try to ask for quotes or written estimates of the costs involved in completing your projects and an expected timeframe for completion.     


The importance of having a dependable commercial electrician Brisbane team to handle the electrical needs of your business cannot be stressed enough. Power failures can lead to downtimes, which can also lead to significant losses. Aside from this, hiring these professionals ensures safety for all people inside your building, while saving you time and money.

However, to make sure you are working with the right individuals, take the time to assess potential contractors. Never hire one whose professionalism, experience, and knowledge is below standard.

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