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A Homeowner’s Guide to the Different Types of Security Cameras

Burglars themselves admit that security cameras work as a crime deterrent. The sight alone of a security cam can already work as a psychological deterrent. Most criminals, after all, don’t want to reveal their identities.

Some researchers also back up the effectiveness of various types of security cameras. For instance, several studies showed that surveillance cameras helped decrease crime. As such, experts suggest the use of security cams as an added measure for crime prevention.

That should be enough incentive for you to invest in security cams for your home. The question now is, which types should you get?

On that note, we made this guide detailing some of the best home security cameras you can get today. Read on to learn about their pros and cons so that you can decide which one is best suited for your abode.

Box-Style Security Cameras

Wired security cameras accounted for 55.8% of the global home security camera market in 2019. This means that they’re still more popular and preferred than wireless systems. One reason is that wired cameras are often more durable and reliable.

Box cameras are among the most widely-used types of wired security cameras. They get their name from their box-style (or rectangular) design. These are the cameras you typically see along driveways and even commercial properties.

Security camera installation are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. Most of them also allow you to configure the lens specifications. They also come with various video signal type options.

Day/Night Security Cameras

These cameras are ideal for both daylight and lowlight conditions. They capture quality footage during the day with the use of an infrared filter. The filter blocks the sun’s bright and harsh IR light so that the lens can produce clear images or videos.

You can then easily remove the IR filter at night for low light surveillance. In some cameras, the filter comes as a built-in feature that you can enable with touch control.

These features make day/night security cameras a good option for indoor and outdoor use. You can set them up by your driveway, garage door, or any other point of entry.

Like box-style security cameras, though, most day/night cams require wired connections. However, some run on batteries, which make them ideal for areas farther from your home. You can mount battery-powered day/night cameras on gates, fences, or even trees.

IP Security Cameras

“IP” stands for Internet Protocol. IP security cams transmit digital footage over an Internet connection, such as Wi-Fi.

A good example of an IP security camera is a wireless hidden camera. You may also know these as “spy cameras” or “nanny cams.”

One of the chief benefits of wireless security cameras is their ease of installation. For starters, they only need a network connection, so they don’t require hard wiring. Because they don’t need cables, they’re best for small or cramped areas.

The lack of wiring also often makes IP cams less pricey than traditional wired systems. However, it’s also due to this wireless connection that they’re best used indoors.

Thermal Security Cameras

Thermal security cameras work by detecting heat energy from all types of objects. They then convert temperatures into various colors. They depict most stationary objects in gray and living things in orange, red, or pink.

Thermal security systems can operate in almost any type of condition and weather. They can “see” both in complete darkness or heavy, glaring light. They also provide surveillance even if it’s rainy or if the area is full of fog, smog, or shadows.

These capabilities make thermal security cams perfect for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Some of their features are similar to the US DoD’s thermal imaging technology.

All these advanced features make thermal cams some of the best home security cameras. However, their exemplary functions also make them among the most expensive. The cheapest unit alone (without installation) can cost at least $200, while a basic cam only costs about $50.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome cameras come in a dome-shaped design and are usually mounted. Their dome shape is one of their biggest selling points, as this makes them compact and discreet.

Most dome cameras feature wide-angle lenses that provide large area coverage. Some even let you equip extra sensors that give the cameras a panoramic viewing option. Others have night vision features as well as pan-tilt-zoom capabilities.

The shell itself of dome security cams protects the lens from external factors. Many of these devices also boast anti-vandalism or graffiti protection.

Dome cameras may either be wireless, wired, or battery-operated. However, almost all need some form of mount or arm. At home, you can set these up on both interior and exterior ceilings or walls.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet security cameras aren’t bullet-proof; their name comes from their bullet-like shape. They come enclosed with a bullet-shaped housing made to withstand harsh conditions. Their design makes them intimidating, which, in turn, may help you deter crime.

Aside from their commanding nature, modern bullet cams also provide long-distance surveillance. Their field of view isn’t as wide as dome cameras, but they have larger lenses. These enlarged lenses let them capture footage over greater distances.

Most bullet cameras are like the box-style ones in that they run on wired connections. You also need to suspend them either from a wall arm or a ceiling mount.

Invest in the Best Types of Security Cameras for Your Home

There you have it, your ultimate guide on the many types of security cameras you can install at home. Just remember that wired cameras are trickier to set up, but they provide better coverage. Wireless cameras cost less, but they do need more attention since they run on batteries.

So, if you have the budget, consider a mix of indoor, outdoor, wired, and wireless cameras.

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