Advantages of PDF and How to Work-Around the Disadvantages

PDF files are widely used because of its benefits. It has become popular with students, teachers, and businesses. As a PDF file user, sometimes the advantages turn to a disadvantage. Using PDF files has limitations, but we can work around these limitations. Online and installed software is available so we can have more freedom in using a PDF file. This software makes tasks easy. Learn how you can manage your PDF files wisely. You can modify them with split PDF, merge PDF, and so many more other features with a nifty online tool called “PDFBear.”

Advantages of PDF

PDF format is for you if you want to enjoy the following benefits:

Accessibility. Most devices have programs capable of reading a PDF file. You can access it using your phone, tablet/iPad, or computer. Most PDF readers are free, and you don’t have to worry about system requirements. When your device has enough memory space, you can use a PDF efficiently.

Secured. PDF files can be password protected. Opening the file is not possible without encoding the password. This assures the owner that the intended users are the only ones that can open the document. It protects the documents from unauthorized access and misuse.

Small size. This file format can be compressed and saved in your disk space.

Text to Speech Support. PDF files are designed to be easily recognized by a PDF reader so you can have it read out loud. This is for the visually impaired and those who prefer listening to reading.

Easy to Print. It is easier to print a PDF file when saved in a different size than the paper size you need to print. You can change the page size and the scaling in the printer settings before clicking on the print function.

Non-editable. PDF files are designed to protect the integrity of the document. The text, images, and format will always be intact despite the many times you share the files. If you want to make changes, use software only made to edit PDF files.

Most of these are helpful for the file owner. If you are the receiver of the document, this entails some disadvantages.

Work-Around the Disadvantages

It is ideal and a recommendation not to use the same passwords in all your accounts, devices, and files. Thus, it will be a headache if you have forgotten the password of an important document. Thankfully, some tools can help you recover the document. Verify that you are the file owner, and you can find online tools are available to help you unlock your files.

Searching texts in PDF files is difficult, specifically if the document is made with a set of scanned images. Scan the whole document manually. Have a good PDF reader installed on your computer. The one that has different view options so you can read the document clearly and choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Since PDF files are non-editable, making changes will be a hassle. Sometimes you may fill out the PDF forms, but you are limited to some portions. Word documents are the best option for editing. You can convert the file to PDF online or through PDF converters installed on your device to make revisions.

Sometimes, working with your files doesn’t need the complete document, and you only need a few selected pages. However, the format should still be in PDF form. It will take a lot of time to convert the file to Word format, edit the document, and save it back to PDF. With PDFBear, you can extract the pages of your file and save it to a different PDF file directly online. This is highly useful, particularly with scanned PDF. Scanned PDF are images that are converted to PDF.

Easy Steps to Separate the Pages of Your PDF Document with PDFBear

Here, you can use this simple step-by-step guide to split pdf files easier and faster.

First, select the file you need to extract or separate.

Next, click on the page you want to include in the new document.

Third, review the pages you chose and click export to save the PDF file.

Lastly, you can now download your file.


PDF format has its advantages and disadvantages. Weighing things will help you decide if PDF is the best format for you. Other options include Word and PowerPoint. Since PDF is widely used, having this software is a tremendous help. List down and keep your file password in a secure place so you can recover it in case. Though unlocking files can still be done, it has restrictions. If making revisions, using an online tool like PDFBear makes the tasks faster. Also, separating the pages of the documents is a lot easier with this tool. These disadvantages should not limit us from enjoying the benefits. We only need to equip ourselves with the right tools and the knowledge on how to use them.

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