Aftermarket extended warranty for BMW

Aftermarket extended warranty for BMW

BMW is a brand known all over the world for its luxurious and expensive car. Even the most lower priced car is $35,700. So when a person spends a lot of money on such luxuries and quality car he or she will make sure that it’s maintenance is good and updated so it’s parts could last as long as possible

That’s the reason the why warranty plans are introduced and sold and purchased. You

BMW aftermarket extended warranty overview

Before the original warranty expires you can avail the warranty program anytime. For example if your car drove more than 12,000 miles a year or it is four years old then you have to buy extra coverage. 

The extended warranty programs have three coverage levels.


It is limited to some of the exterior and interior parts of the car otherwise it covers full car and it is more expensive plan as compared to gold and powertrain plus plan.


The second plan is gold plan which has lesser options than platinum coverage i.e. It doesn’t have  bumper to bumper and  electrical system

Powertrain plus:

This is the basic plan covering basic machines and parts such as cooling, fuel, engine, drive, assembling, and transmission.

Two ways to buy BMW warranty

1. Find third party company:

Many times you get better warranty from third party companies as they have solid working relationship with my BMW dealers so this option is good to consider while buying a warranty for your BMW. So shop around until you get some good price that makes sense to you but make sure to ask what is included and what is excluded from the warranty plan and also make sure that the company gives you the BMW dealership and their credit card on the phone

2. Do check the deductibles of warranty

 You should always consider the deductibles of warranty programs. They can range from $0 to $100 per claim so do think and research to find out which plan is better for your situation and then make your next move.

 Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can I transfer my BMW warranty?

 Yes, you can do with  some limitations. There is $200 transfer fee for certified BMW.

Q: What are the maintenance plans of BMW?

The maintenance plans are offered for wear and tear items. There are two situations whether you BMW is 2017 model or earlier model

  • If your BMW car is 2017 model or latest/newer model then it will be covered under BMW ultimate care which last until 3600 miles and three years.
  • The maintenance plans for 2015 and 2016 BMW vehicles are offered when they are sold or leased by an authorized BMW centers at the date of 1st July 2014 or after. And then for BMW of 4 years or 50,000 miles.

Q: Can I get BMW aftermarket extended warranty over 100,000 miles?

You cannot get it from dealership but you can get it from another way which is “Third party company” as many third party providers offer the aftermarket extended warranty for BMW of 100000 miles.

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