All you need to Know about Haitian Kremas

People who visit the island of Haiti witness the rich culture and tradition of the land. One such unique tradition is that the Haitians consume the special drink for all their special occasions. It is easy to prepare, and the local brands specialize in this drink. The drink is a reflection of the spirit of the people of Haiti, and if you wish to taste this drink, you can order it online and get the authentic flavour of the land. Moreover, if you have a sweet tooth, it will have a unique appeal to you. These drinks are called Kremas. The best thing about Haitian Kremas is that their taste ensures a good experience. If you wish to buy kremas online, you can do so via Saveurs Lakay website.

What are Kremas?

Kremas is a drink that is native to the island of Haiti, and it is primarily known for its sweet taste. According to the culture of the people of Haiti, they use this drink to celebrate any event. It can be prepared using varied flavours. For instance, if you want the smell of cinnamon, you can add the special cinnamon powder to the condensed milk. Again, it can be of ginger flavour as well. The sweet taste is made of the condensed milk along with the addition of coconut cream to it. This cream also contributes to the rich consistency of the drink. The best part is that it is mixed with alcohol which kicks in the mood with the taste. The Haitian Kremas have the nutmeg flavour as well. It is best for a summer day when it is consumed chilled with a few cubes of ice. Again, you can serve this drink with some cakes or sweet dishes and cookies at the chilly Christmas party. So it is ideal for all occasions.

The best brand of Kremas

If you are ordering Kremas online, it is advisable to resort to an authentic Haitian brand, and the local brands can capture the authentic flavour. Moreover, you should order from a reliable brand name that has its reputation in the market. For instance, one of the most popular brands of Kremas is the Saveurs Lakay, which in the Haitian language means ‘Flavours From Home’. If you have visited the island, the drink from this brand will make you nostalgic. The use of dark rum in the drink adds the perfect balance to the sweet flavours. Although it is often compared to a milkshake or a Christmas eggnog, alcohol makes a drink only for adults. It is not to be confused with a milkshake-like drink for teenagers or children. At Saveurs Lakay, you can also get other flavours like coffee flavours apart from the typical coconut one.

The best part of buying from this brand is that they are experienced in this field. So they pay much attention to the taste and requirements of the buyers. This company also has a famous café named ‘Kremas Kafe’, where the store staff members are well behaved and highly value their customers. Thus they give you the perfect store experience. Viewing it from a practical perspective, you should choose such brands for an online order that have the best record in packaging their products and delivering them safely to your doorsteps. The Saveurs Lakay also uses natural ingredients for preparing the drinks, making these safe for consumption. The taste of the product depends on the quality of the ingredients. So you can rely on this brand as it lives up to the expectation in manufacturing good quality Kremas. After placing an order, people often have doubts and queries about the products. The customer care facilities of Saveurs Lakay are also top grade, and so you can call them up at any time of the day to clarify your doubts about Haitian Kremas. The company satisfies the buyers’ queries and enables the buyers to track the product.


On Haiti Island, the flavour of Kremas may vary from one household to other. Each person has his unique preference of milk – may it be almond or cashew added to the milk or alcohol preference. Adding alcohol increases the shelf life of the drink. The teetotallers consume it with rum-flavoured essence. Mainly rum is used, but you can mix it with vodka or gin as well. Now you can make your social gatherings memorable with the Haitian flavour of Kremas and relish the mouthwatering taste of the drink. Finally, you can learn how to make cremas via this Haiti Open Magazine Haitian Kremas recipe.

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